Munson Health
Meet Our MVPs

Every day, Munson employees exhibit our values of respect, compassion, accountability, patients, people, and stewardship in their words and actions. And every day, coworkers notice their efforts, and nominate them for MVP recognition. We celebrate our MVPs by recognizing them in our internal communications and through quarterly luncheons with Munson Medical Center’s President, Al Pilong and other hospital administrators.

Munson MVPs enjoy a special recognition luncheon with President, Al Pilong.

MVP Doug Robinson

EVS II Tech, Doug Robinson showed compassion for a colleague when he noticed her waiting outside the conference center. Doug observed she was physically uncomfortable and in pain – only five days out from surgery. Doug took the initiative by finding a spare chair for his coworker to use while they waited for a meeting to let out. Doug demonstrated Munson values or “people” and “compassion,” making him an honored MVP.


MVP Amy Matteucci

When a patient was discharged without her CPAP machine, Amy Matteucci, BS, RN, CMSRN, stepped up to the plate. Amy, a B4 Patient Care Coordinator, knew the discharged patient was concerned she would not be able to sleep without the machine. When family members of the patient were unable to travel to Munson, Amy drove to Kalkaska to deliver the device. “I just felt like it had to be done,” Amy said. “I couldn’t have left it unresolved.” Congratulations to our MVP for going the extra mile for one of our patients.


MVP Kendry Harkert

When a patient’s blood sample needed to be sent to Detroit overnight, Kendry Harkert stepped up to help. Kendry, a senior patient access representative for Patient Access Services, knew the urgency of the situation and called Fed Ex to arrange transport of the sample then rushed though the lab to get the shipment out in time. The patient nominated Kendry for demonstrating Munson values of compassion, patients, people, and respect.