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PAS - Future Orders
When education is to occur at a satellite lab site by a trainer, prior to your individual education you must complete the two lessons and the competency listed below:

PAS Lab Future Orders Lesson 1

PAS Lab Special Situations Lesson 2

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How to Activate Future Orders and Print Amb EMR Order Requisition

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How to Activate Future Orders
   1.  Open patient chart to Orders tab.
    • Verify correct FPM encounter has been opened by checking the Demographic
      Banner for patient’s name, date of birth and FPM account number.


  1. Set Display to All Orders (All Statuses).
    • If “All Orders (All Statuses)” is not viewable, click the drop down arrow and select “All Orders (All Statuses)” from the list provided.


  1. Right click appropriate future order and click Activate.
  • If multiple orders are to be activated, click and drag through the orders and then right click and Activate.
  • Check each order's details to confirm the correct tab is being Activated.

  • Orders will display as “Activate”.


  1. Review the order for correctness.  If the wrong lab has been activated, right click and RESET the order to its original state and activate the correct lab.


  1. Click Orders for Signature
  2. Click SIGN.  

  3. Click REFRESH to update order status

  1. Activation of Future orders creates a new O/P account number in STAR and in PowerChart. Order Activation will order the labs in SunQuest and still need to be received in SunQuest.

Printing the Amb EMR Order Requisition  

The Amb EMR Order Requisition is an electronic version of the paper requisition.  Scroll to the bottom of the requisition to view insurance information.  Print this requisition when patient does not have requisition.


  1. Search for patient by last name, first name
  2. From Menu click  Amb EMR Order Requisition
  3. Click Print

 Note:  Once “Future, On Hold” orders have been activated such orders will no longer display on the Amb EMR Order Requisition.