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East End Expansion

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital strives to provide advanced health care services to people close to home. That mission is fulfilled by providing specialized services including 24-hour emergency care, acute care, diagnostic, and outpatient services. Recently, we were able to provide dialysis services in a short-term location at Paul Oliver. Patients receiving this specialized treatment have life-altering and time-intensive treatment three times each week – with each treatment lasting up to four hours.

For Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital to continue to meet the needs of the region and provide treatment options close to home, a permanent location to house dialysis treatment must be built. The East End Expansion plan increases the footprint of the current hospital to the east and moving dialysis to the first floor in order to make it easier for dialysis patients to receive treatment. The east-end addition will also shell in space allowing the hospital room for future expansion. The space will ensure that when Benzie County is ready for additional hospital services, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital will have the space available to accommodate the need. The east-end expansion will help patients now and well into the future. The estimated total cost of the project, which includes the Betsie Hosick Dialysis Center, is $2.5 million dollars. The amount needed to complete the project is $415,000.


Betsie Hosick Health & Fitness Center Upgrades

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital has owned and operated the Betsie Hosick Health & Fitness Center for the last five years. Purchasing the fitness center emphasized Paul Oliver’s commitment to provide opportunities to keep the people of Benzie County healthy and fit. The fitness center provides residents with Cybex circuit equipment, Landice cardio, free-weight room, basketball court, racquetball court, aerobic room, and much more. The Betsie Hosick Health and Fitness Center offers cardiac rehab, pilates, movement and balance for seniors, along with a wide array of fitness classes. The fitness center is used by all age groups and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its members.

POMH recently replaced several pieces of outdated cardio equipment and is now interested in replacing Cybex circuit equipment which is over 20 years old. Modern Cybex strength training equipment has a tension release system that makes the resistance less stressful on joints making it ideal for an active aging population, people rehabilitating from injury or with disabilities. The cost to replace the Cybex equipment is $85,000.


Upgrade of Ultrasound Equipment

As Paul Oliver has continued to upgrade equipment in the hospital, the ultrasound imaging has fallen behind the hospitals high standards. Interpretation of breast and vascular images can be difficult on radiologists because of the lower image resolution. Patients may require additional imaging or tests to get an accurate diagnosis. The plan is to purchase equipment that is compatible with POMH outstanding quality of care. The estimated cost of upgrading the Ultrasound Equipment is $175,000.


Digitizing Radiology

Two of the seven x-ray areas at POMH still need to be digitized to keep up with Paul Oliver’s high level care. Currently on the two machines that have not been updated, when an x-ray is taken in the radiology department at Paul Oliver, it is recorded on a hard cassette which is then loaded and transmitted through another piece of equipment. Digitizing radiology will allow physicians to experience quicker, higher quality imaging. Patients in Benzie County will be the true beneficiaries of state-of-the-art radiology services. The estimated cost to digitize one x-ray area in radiology is $125,000.

Long Term Care Dining Room Renovation

The renovation of the long-term-care dining room will complete the update of the entire facility. The final phase will remove walls to create an open and inviting dining area. In addition, there will be an upgrade to the dining area so food will be prepped upstairs with residents as opposed to downstairs in the kitchen. Including our elders in the process of preparing their meals, brings everyone together and creates a sense of well-being. The estimated cost to renovate the long term care dining room is $200,000.