Munson Health
Phyllis Foster

When Phyllis Foster and her late husband Rob moved to Benzie County in 1987, they immediately discovered what made it such an extraordinary place to live.

"Many people have chosen to live here, which has made this a very happy, healthy, dynamic community of people who want to help our area," Phyllis said.

The community embraces and supports many organizations - chief among them its small but vibrant hospital, she said. "When we moved here, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital was a little hospital in our town. Now, it is an integral part of the excellent Munson Healthcare system and it has become a cornerstone of the community."

Many small hospitals have not survived, and Phyllis credits former POMH President Jim Austin and his team for developing strong outpatient services to meet the community’s needs, such as CT scans, digital mammography, MRI, and the new dialysis center. "This hospital is truly unique in meeting the needs of the people," she said.

After moving north from Toledo, Ohio, the Fosters became longtime supporters of POMH and Munson Healthcare. "It’s always been our philosophy to encourage and support the communities we live in," she said. "In order to have a viable community, you need a healthy community."

Phyllis is carrying on a long family tradition of serving on various community and hospital boards. Rob was a member of the Paul Oliver Foundation Board and previously served on the Munson Healthcare Board of Directors.

Phyllis has been a lifelong volunteer and supporter of various organizations in the area, including Munson Medical Center, Munson Hospice, and the POMH Auxiliary. "I’m looking forward to serving on the Paul Oliver Foundation Board to continue the Foundation’s philanthropic goals," she said.