Munson Health
Hearing Clinic


Hearing loss is something that often occurs without a person realizing their condition. Not being able to distinguish words from background noise is a common indicator of some hearing loss.

Through a weekly clinic inside Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, audiologists from Munson Medical Center’s Hearing Clinic provide comprehensive hearing evaluations for all ages, as well as dispensing and fitting for hearing aids. The hospital’s hearing clinic offers complete hearing testing and the latest in digital hearing aid technology from several manufacturers at a competitive price. Munson audiologists hold doctoral degrees and have completed extensive training in hearing assessment, hearing aid evaluation, and fitting procedures.

Studies show 14 percent of adults 45 - 64 years old and 23 percent of adults 65 - 74 years old have some degree of hearing loss. Left untreated, hearing loss can lead to frustration, social isolation, and difficulty in the workplace.

The clinic is open on Wednesdays and patients may call to schedule an appointment at (231) 935-6455.