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Sarah's Story

New Technology Creates New Job Opportunities

Patients in northern Michigan suffering from tumors of the brain, spine, prostate, and lung now have access to the very best in radiation oncology treatment. The installation of Munson Medical Center’s stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) device, which uses finely shaped X-ray beams to precisely target inoperable tumors, not only benefits patients, but also has attracted skilled medical professionals hoping to work here.

"The purchase and installation of the SRS was absolutely with the cancer patient’s benefit in mind," said Sue Curnow, radiation oncology manager for Munson Medical Center. "The nature of this technology meant hiring a dosimetrist, two radiation therapists, and expanding our radiation oncology nursing staff."

Sarah Raymond was a medical dosimetrist hired from Cleveland Clinic to create patient SRS treatment plans. She said she wanted to move closer to home and work in a facility whose reputation matched Cleveland Clinic’s.

"Munson is a place that allows me to collaborate with coworkers, physicians, and therapists, and it’s definitely on the same trajectory as Cleveland Clinic in terms of technology used for cancer treatment," she said. "Without a doubt, I am working in my dream job." Read More Employee Stories