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Doppler Ultrasound

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by Voyatzis D

(Doppler Ultrasonography)


What to Expect

Description of the Test

You will lie on a table. Your doctor will put a gel on the skin over the area that will be examined. The gel helps the sound waves travel between the machine and your body.
The ultrasound machine has a hand-held instrument called a transducer. It looks like a microphone or wand. The transducer is pushed against your skin where the gel was applied. The transducer sends sound waves into your body. The waves bounce off your internal organs and echo back to the transducer. The echoes are changed into images that are shown on a screen. The doctor examines the images on the screen. Photographs of the images may be taken.
You may be asked to change positions or hold your breath during the exam.
Ultrasound of Abdomen
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After Test

The gel will be cleaned from your body. You will be able to return to normal activities in most cases.

How Long Will It Take?

About 30 minutes to 1 hour

Will It Hurt?



A radiologist will examine the images after the test. Your doctor will let you know the results and talk to you about treatment.


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