Munson Health
Our Services

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  • Medical Case Management, including HIV/AIDS specific medical monitoring, referrals to specialists for further medical services, and coordination with Primary Care Physician services.  At times our case managers also attend physician appointments and assisting with community resources.

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling, including individual, group, and family counseling offered to any active client and their family/support network.

  • Food Vouchers*

  • Transportation Assistance,* including directly providing the transportation or through gas cards to use for fuel.

  • Phone Cards*

  • Psychosocial Support/Education Events, offered throughout the year for our clients to learn more about innovative HIV/AIDS treatments and news related to HIV/AIDS issues.

  • Nutritional Support,* including a referral to a registered dietician and covering the cost of vitamins and supplements.

  • Pharmacy Support,* including consultation with a pharmacist that specializes in HIV/AIDS and medication costs.

  • Housing/HOPWA Referrals,* the TJCC works with Sacred Heart from Saginaw to provide this service, which includes short-term support for rent, mortgage payments, utilities, or help securing housing.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance,* available for outpatient medical costs that aren’t covered by insurance providers determined by financial need.

  • Angel Funds,* raised from various fundraising efforts, which can be used to meet individual needs, such as car repairs, ineligible medical costs, vision care, home furnishings, work related attire, education costs, and other various expenses.

*The TJCC is designated a “payer of last resort” and all other financial options must be exhausted before payment will be arranged through TJCC funds. A household budget/financial analysis worksheet must be completed by each client.