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The Thomas Judd Care Center (TJCC) is a regionally based medical case management program that provides services to individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS. Case managers aim to help these individuals receive medical care and address any issues that stand in the way of continuing to receive medical services. Such issues could include transportation, cost of care, housing, substance abuse issues, mental health issues, lack of health insurance, fear of people finding out, social support, and employment. TJCC case managers also help their clients find infectious disease doctors, family doctors, dentists, hearing services, vision care, and specialty medical practices (cardiologist, dermatologist, gastroenterology, etc.). TJCC case managers are familiar with many community resources and can help to assist in the referral process to ensure access to HIV medications and medical care. TJCC case managers believe that services should meet the needs of each person.  Privacy, protection of confidential information, and being treated with dignity and respect are the main concerns of the staff members of the TJCC.