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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery only involves the stomach. It is a purely restrictive procedure that consists of stapling and reshaping the stomach into a long narrow tube and removing more than two-thirds of the stomach.
The narrower stomach restricts food intake by allowing only a small amount of food to be eaten at one time. It results in a quicker sense of fullness and decreased appetite.

The valve at the outlet of the stomach remains, providing for the normal process of stomach emptying to continue. No new connections are made between the stomach and small intestine in this procedure. There is no re-routing of the intestine, no malabsorption, and no dumping syndrome.


  • Can be done laproscopically through tiny incisions, resulting in fewer wound problems, less pain, and faster recovery often associated with minimally invasive surgery
  • Reduces the stomach capacity but tends to allow the stomach to function normally so most food items can be consumed, albeit in small amounts
  • Eliminates the portion of the stomach that produces the hormone (ghrelin) that stimulates hunger
  • Does not require the implantation of a foreign body such as a silastic ring used in gastric banding


  • Slower initial weight loss than gastric bypass
  • Soft calories, such as ice cream, milk shakes, etc., can be absorbed and may slow weight loss
  • Because a portion of the stomach is removed, the procedure is not reversible; However, it can be converted to almost any other weight loss procedure

What is the referral process?

Every patient must attend a two-hour educational seminar hosted by Grand Traverse Surgery, PC before a referral can be made. Seminars are held monthly.

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