Munson Health
Wendy’s Story


After seven years basking in Alaska’s charms, Wendy and Matt Christiani decided it was time to find a new place to call home. The couple, both professionals in the pharmacy field, spent 14 months researching hospital towns all across the lower 48, pitting places like Seattle, Spokane, and Portland, against Traverse City.

In the end, it was a hands-down decision, said Wendy, a doctor of pharmacy. "We looked absolutely everywhere and there was no question," she said. "When I began to research Munson Medical Center, I must say we both felt so lucky to have found this place."

While the natural allure of lush summers, crystalline water, and four seasons played a role in the outdoor-loving couple’s decision, Wendy said it was the hospital’s reputation for quality and progressive health care that tipped the scales in Traverse City’s favor. "Munson is progressive and dynamic, with an open strategic plan to morph as the community’s health needs change," said Christiani, who works with her husband Matt, a pharmacy technician coordinator, in the hospital’s pharmacy. "I knew that I was coming to a high quality facility, working with people of integrity who are here because they love it here. That really impressed me."

The charm of small town living blended with an award-winning powerhouse medical facility has not only caught the eye of people like the Christianis, but also has brought back professionals who left for greener pastures.

Ryan Winn, director of information systems for Munson Medical Center, said coming back to work at the hospital meant returning to "a world-class system." "There just aren’t too many places where you do work that actually matters, live in a caring community, and raise your family in a beautiful setting," said the former Californian, who left Traverse City to work downstate, but rejoined Munson after one year. "The level of sophistication here, both at the hospital and in our community, is unbelievable."

Winn said when he was initially recruited by Munson from his job in San Diego, his first reaction was strong - and not exactly positive. "My wife and I had a fear that everything was too remote, too rural, and lacking  sophistication," said the self-labeled foodie and father of two. "But Munson is a high quality, earnest, patient-centered hospital that is one of just a few top hospitals in the country. That, combined with our incredible location? You won’t find anything better." Read More Employee Stories