November 2018 Election: Leadership Changes

The November 2018 election brought many new faces to the Michigan Legislature statewide. It also brought about changes to the leadership roles of lawmakers in the state House and Senate. For Munson Healthcare and northern Michigan, we now have several members of our “delegation” in positions of leadership within their respective bodies, and one new face added to the delegation. 

  • Jack O’Malley, 101st House District (Newly elected)
  • Michele Hoitenga, 102nd House District
  • Daire Rendon, 103rd House District
  • Larry Inman, 104th House District
  • Triston Cole, 105th House District (Majority Floor Leader)
  • Sue Allor, 106th House District
  • Lee Chatfield, 107th House District (Speaker of the House)
  • Curt VanderWall, 35th Senate District (Chair, Senate Health Policy Committee)
  • Jim Stamas, 36th Senate District (Senate Appropriations Chair)
  • Wayne Schmidt, 37th Senate District (Assistant Majority Leader)

At the federal level, with the shift in the power dynamic we will see the most significant change in the leadership of the relevant health care related committees, the House Ways & Means Committee, and the House Energy & Commerce Committee. 

We also look forward to continuing our relationship with Governor Whitmer and her team to ensure a strong working relationship on key issues like Healthy Michigan Plan work requirements, auto no-fault insurance reform, rural health care access, behavioral health access, and more. The Whitmer health care platform has indicated that she is seeking strong solutions and protections for patients on these matters, and we look forward to being a key part of those discussions.