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Rural Healthcare Funding 

The Issue

Before breaking for the year, the Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer reached a final agreement on restoring devastating funding cuts to rural hospitals that were made by the Governor at the end of September.  As you will recall, following disagreements over road funding and the budget negotiation process, on September 30th, the Governor signed a fiscal year 2020 budget into law but cut 147 line items including funding for rural hospitals, rural obstetrics services, critical access hospitals and Medicaid outpatient uplift funding. 

The Impact

Thanks to your advocacy efforts, the Legislature passed a supplemental funding bill that restores the Rural Access Pool, the Obstetrics Stabilization Fund and increase the Medicaid outpatient rate for Critical Access Hospitals.  In total, Munson Healthcare will see over $5 million dollars restored. 

What You Can Do

Please take a moment to thank the Legislature and the Governor for recognizing the importance of these funding sources and restoring these cuts. 

As we head into next year, we will continue to ask that you support and advocate for continuing these important programs and seek to restore the across the board Medicaid outpatient cut that has not yet been restored.