Cerner Ambulatory Update Will Enhance Patient Communications


Munson Healthcare’s Consumer Access Solutions Project includes an upcoming Cerner Ambulatory update that will enhance patient communications with automatic appointment reminders, broadcast messaging, two-way texting, and more.

When: Thursday, June 23

Who’s affected: Cerner Ambulatory practice managers, staff, and patients

Why: The Consumer Access Solutions Project is streamlining workflows in our practices and making it easier for patients to access Munson Healthcare services.

More information:

  • This update will automate messages for appointment reminders, instructions, and other routine patient communications.
  • Broadcast messaging will be available to quickly notify groups of patients as needed. For example, all patients on a specific schedule could be quickly notified that their appointments have changed due to inclement weather.
  • Two-way texting will allow patients to ask quick questions and get support.
  • Practice managers will receive training and go-live support for this update and other Consumer Access Solutions as they are implemented.