Paul Oliver’s New MRI Keeps Important Testing in Town


Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital now offers a new open MRI that allows for important radiological exams without the need to travel elsewhere.

“The new machine means all of our Munson Healthcare sites are using the same technology allowing for standardization of protocol, image quality, and the types of studies performed,” said Dan Fly, Munson Healthcare system director of Radiology.

Fly said the new equipment will enhance patient comfort due to its design and also provides physicians with the high-quality technical images important for determining a care plan.

MRI scans are used by doctors to obtain specific imaging of potentially any area of the body. Images created by the MRI can detect things such as tiny bleeding in a blood vessel, tumors, and more.

The Siemens Aera model is specifically designed to provide more patient comfort and prevent the sensations of being “closed in” by the machine. 

The mobile unit is available for appointments every Friday. To better accommodate busy patient schedules, it will also be available one Saturday each month. 

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