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Munson Healthcare Home Health is northern Michigan’s most comprehensive home care company, meeting the medical needs of individuals and families across the region while allowing patients to remain in their own homes. Our staff have the opportunity to put their clinical skills to work with diverse patient populations and to build rewarding patient and family relationships. The efforts of our professionals in the field are supported by a team of office staff. 

Munson Healthcare Home Health has opportunities available for both clinical and non-clinical staff. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of others and embracing meaningful work, view our job listings.

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Home Health Services

Home health services are warranted for many conditions and situations, including chronic illnesses, complex disabilities, end-of-life, and follow-up after hospitalization. Most frequently, our team provides short-term nursing and/or rehabilitation services to help people recover following an illness or injury.

Home care encompasses a wide range of services, including:

  • End-of-life planning
  • Home infusion
  • Household assistance
  • Medical equipment assistance
  • Medication management
  • Medical social worker services
  • Nursing
  • Personal care
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Remote monitoring through telehealth technology
  • Wound care

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Home Health Nursing Careers

Home health nurses are in high demand as more patients seek care outside a hospital setting to enhance comfort and reduce costs. As part of the care continuum, home health staff help ensure compliance with clinical best practices and promote better outcomes. 

Nurses working in home care may have greater opportunities for scheduling flexibility and independence. 


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Why Home Health Nurses Choose Munson Healthcare

At Munson Healthcare, the patient is at the center of everything we do. Munson Healthcare Home Health provides compassionate, multidisciplinary care to meet the medical needs of patients in their homes.

Caring with Compassion

Joy is a second-generation home health professional. Learn more about her experiences helping patients through difficult experiences in this blog post.

What Makes a Good Home Health Nurse?

Because they are working largely independently, home health nurses must be self-directed, able to manage time efficiently, and able to think critically. In addition to strong clinical skills, they should have excellent communication skills and demonstrate respect for cultural and lifestyle differences to effectively interact with families in their homes. 

Home care can also be physically demanding, requiring lifting, turning, or moving patients who need assistance.

What Qualifications Do Home Health Nurses Need?

Munson Healthcare’s Home Health nurses will have graduated from a state-approved nursing education program and be registered or planning to take the state board licensing exam. Experience in the clinical area being applied to is desirable but not required. All nurses must maintain Basic Life Support certifications as well as specialty life support certifications applicable to the area of specialty. For specific details, view the requirements on our job postings.

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