Opportunities for Graduate Nurses at Munson Healthcare

We provide unique opportunities for graduate nurses to make a smooth transition from student to practicing clinician. You’ll get hands-on, paid training in a clinical environment while simultaneously prepping for your board exams. You’ll work under the direction of an RN, provide direct patient care, and complete orientation on a particular unit prior to passing your exam.

Upon licensure, you’ll be an RN at Munson Healthcare with on-the-job experience already!

Munson Healthcare is seeking nurses to provide compassionate care to patients across our system. We’re currently offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus for RNs working at the bedside.

BSN Early Hire Program

Munson Medical Center is looking to pre-hire the finest nursing school graduates. Upon committing to a job at Munson Medical Center, you will receive a sign-on bonus – before you even begin your practice! Once you graduate, you may choose to practice immediately as a Graduate Nurse or after you have passed your boards and practice as a registered nurse.

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Perioperative Nursing Residency

Perioperative nurses throughout the Munson Healthcare system are respected clinical experts and valued partners in care. The Perioperative Residency is a one-year paid training program for nurses who would like to transition to a career in the operating room. The program includes classroom education, clinical rotations with a preceptor and independent clinical rotations. At the conclusion of the residency, you will be practice independently in the OR.

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Nursing Residencies and Internships

Munson Medical Center offers many nurse residencies and internships, including Critical Care Residency, Evidenced-Based Practice Internship, NICU Residency, Perianesthesia Residency and Perioperative Internship.

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You Could Start Your Nursing Career Anywhere, so Why Choose Munson Healthcare?

Innovative Programs

We offer innovative nursing programs at Munson Medical Center for graduate nurses and those interested in advanced training through residencies and internships.

  • Technology: Munson Healthcare is a cutting-edge healthcare system with sophisticated diagnostic technology such as 3D tomography, advanced cancer and cardiac treatments, and the latest robotic technology, stereotactic radiosurgery, and non-invasive surgical procedures
  • Work-Life Balance: Northern Michigan is an amazing place to live and work with flexible scheduling and shifts.
  • Safe Environment: Munson Healthcare is a safe place to work and to receive care.
  • Total Compensation: Competitive wage and an excellent benefits package, including tuition reimbursement, for full- and part-time positions. And relocation assistance is available!

Opportunities for Career Growth

As the largest and leading hospital system in northern Michigan, we provide opportunities for individuals to grow in their career.

What are the requirements for these programs?

Graduate nurses who have graduated from an accredited nursing program and are simply waiting to take their boards are eligible for this program. Participants will work with an RN preceptor in an orientation role, learn the ins and outs of their assigned unit and provide direct patient care.

What specific work will participants be able to do and will there be any restrictions?

Graduate nurses will perform RN activities under the direction, supervision and delegation of a Registered Nurse. They will collaborate with their assigned RN for the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing practice and patient care. Participants can assist with the handling of medication but will not be able to administer medications until their RN license is secured.

How is this program different from programs other hospitals are offering?

There are plenty of hospitals out there that operate on a “license in hand” contingency in terms of job opportunities. We recognize the combined value of your education and on-the-job training, by providing you with a safe, supervised environment that allows you to put your schoolwork to work...now.

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Whether you choose one of our innovative programs or a job right on the unit, you’ll get an Amazing start to your career with Munson Healthcare. Apply for one of our programs today!

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