Careers in Support Services


Careers in Support Services

Central transport staff at Munson Medical Center Quality healthcare is built on a team of people committed to clinical care and behind-the-scenes services. Whether you sanitize medical equipment, deliver meals, clean patient rooms, help patients with daily care or transport patients throughout the hospital, you are a critical part of the healthcare team and caring for people when they need it most. 

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Why is a Career with Munson Healthcare so Amazing?

  • Make a Difference: All employees of Munson Healthcare make a difference in patient’s lives every day, directly or indirectly.
  • Safe Environment: Munson Healthcare is a safe place to work and to receive care.
  • Total Compensation: Competitive wage and an excellent benefits package for full- and part-time positions. 
  • Opportunities for Career Growth: With on-the-job training, you don’t need experience to begin your career with Munson Healthcare. And as the largest and leading hospital system in northern Michigan, we provide opportunities for individuals to grow in their career.

What Support Roles are We Hiring for Now?

Central Processing Technician

Join Central Processing at Munson Healthcare and support the operating rooms, hospital floors and related departments in Central Sterile Processing. Play a critical role as a Central Processing Tech 1 in processing, sterilizing and testing surgical instruments and equipment.

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Central Transport - Patient Transporter

Join Central Transport at Munson Healthcare and help move patients safely across the hospital. A Patient and Medical Transporter plays a critical role in safely moving patients and necessary equipment and records across clinical and diagnostic areas.

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Nutrition Service

Nutrition is an important component of overall health, and food can be one of life’s great pleasures. At Munson Healthcare, our Nutrition Services professionals take pride in preparing and serving delicious, nutritious, and appealing meals to patients, visitors, and staff. Learn more about opportunities with Nutrition Services.

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For information about food services jobs at Manistee Hospital, visit

Housekeeping - EVS Technician

Join Housekeeping at Munson Healthcare to ensure a clean, sterile and healing environment for all patients. An EVS Technician plays a critical role cleaning all areas of the hospital and patient rooms.

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Patient Support Services

Many roles are available within patient support services to begin your career providing medical care to patients. Medical assistants, nursing assistants, CENAs and opportunities with Munson Healthcare Home Health are vital to the care patients receive across northern Michigan. Learn more about patient support service roles.

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More Opportunities to Be a Healthcare Hero to Patients

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