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Why Work at Munson Medical Center?

At Munson Medical Center, we have some of the most caring and talented people working in health care today.

Each person has their own personal reason for working here. For some it’s the desire to contribute to a healing environment. Others appreciate the fun and friendly coworkers. Many value the competitive benefit package.

Here are a couple more reasons:


Melissa is a medical biller and coder at Munson Medical CenterMelissa’s Story

Melissa is a medical biller and coder with a degree in biology. When she wanted a career with a non-profit organization, she turned to Munson Medical Center.

“I love it. We advocate for patients with insurance companies and help get their bills paid. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I helped make everything better for the patient. If this job is right for you, you will spend the rest of your life doing it.”



Amanda’s Story

Amanda is a certified medical assistant at Munson Medical Center

Amanda comes from a family of medical assistants, so she knew exactly what she wanted to do when she graduated from Baker College. As a certified medical assistant at Munson Family Practice Center, she loves working with infants to elders.

“I enjoy watching my patients grow up. And I love the people I work with – they are my second family. I heard Munson was a great place to work, and it is.”



Lisa's Story

Lisa works in the Food and Nutrition Dept. at Munson Medical Center

After years of poor health, Lisa regained her stamina and strength thanks to the care she received at Munson Medical Center. She joined the Food and Nutrition Team and now delivers nutritious food to patients so they can get stronger, too. 

“It feels good to work again. I’m happy and I’m grateful.” 



Rachael’s Story

Rachael is a nursing assistant at Munson Medical Center

As a nursing assistant at Munson Medical Center, Rachael enjoys helping patients through some of their worst days.

“It’s emotionally rewarding to help people feel better. These are not their most glorious moments and I love to make them laugh. I also work with great people. I’m really valued as a teammate. No matter what position you’re in, this is a really cool team atmosphere.”


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