A Day in the Life of a CENA 

cena positionWhen Colleen Green’s youngest daughter neared school-age, she knew it was time to reenter the workforce. She’d been a stay-at-home parent for four years, and felt she was ready. It was then that her sister invited her to consider Munson Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital. 

What began as one simple referral has grown into Colleen’s 19-year career with POMH. 

How the Journey to CENA Began

Colleen’s journey with Munson Healthcare began in the kitchen as a member of the Food and Nutrition team. One day, while serving a weekend shift, a manager invited Colleen to participate in the class to become a Competency-Evaluated Nursing Assistant, or CENA. “I thought to myself. Sure, why not?” 

In short order, she had completed the in-house class, passed the state exam and was working in the field. 

CENA's Have Versatile Roles and Responsibilities 

Whether it’s assisting a long-term care patient in getting ready for the day, reassuring a nervous patient about to get an IV, or providing a warm blanket to a patient post-care, Colleen and her fellow CENAs fill their days, and their hearts, caring for so many patient needs.

“I feel very versatile here,” said Colleen. “I am very fortunate that my job can take me anywhere in the hospital.”

Today, Colleen began her workday at 7 am. She received reports from the Emergency Department and Acute Care teams and cared for patients in both departments before responding to the call for aide on the Long-Term Care unit. Other days might include caring for patients pre- and post- IV therapy, assisting patients with meals, processing registrations or being with a family during end-of-life care. “In this role, we get to provide something so personalized for each patient and each family.” 

How to Unwind After a Tough, but Fulfilling Day

Colleen balances tough days by enjoying nature, soaking in both sunshine and the laughter and company of her family. She has returned to work each day of her 19-year career assured that she found her calling in the CENA role, and in making each patient’s day the best it can be. 

When asked if she would recommend being a CENA with Munson Healthcare, Colleen responded:

“Absolutely. You can take any avenue. You can be a nurse. You can be a doctor. You can go anywhere from this point.”

Getting Started in a Career as a CENA

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