Medical Lab Scientists: Munson Healthcare’s Ultimate Detective Unit


Medical Lab Scientists: Munson Healthcare’s Ultimate Detective Unit

Studying bodily fluids might not make the most Googled list of dream jobs – but for a budding medical lab scientist, these substances are fascinating windows into the hows and whys of medical diagnoses.

So when new graduate Nicole Fisher began her career search, her number one goal was to join a medical lab team devoted to diagnosing and managing illness through the analysis of blood, bodily fluids, and tissues.

Uncovering Opportunities

Nicole found herself drawn to Munson Healthcare, where her enthusiasm was quickly reciprocated. 

While many employers advertise a desire for years of experience in their new hires, Nicole found the Munson Healthcare team willing to give her the hands-on experiences she sought as a new graduate. Experiences that would set her up to feel successful and grow exponentially in her field.

“They were so willing to talk to me,” says the Bowling Green University graduate. “They answered my questions and walked me through every step of the recruitment process.”

A Day in Her Lab Shoes

As a medical laboratory generalist, Nicole finds herself working in any number of the medical lab specialties at Munson Healthcare on any given day. She and her teammates work across all hospital shifts to complete studies in transfusion services, hematology, microbiology, chemistry, and more – performing hundreds of laboratory tests that help providers determine the root cause of an illness or the full extent of an injury. 

From blood typing, antibody screens, and urinalysis to studying liver and renal function, the tests she and her teammates perform give providers the critical information needed to accurately diagnose and treat their patients. 

“We do very technical work with a phenomenal team,” Nicole says. “We work closely with one another, the pathology team, and the medical providers.”

Finding a True Home

After nearly a year in northern Michigan and with Munson Healthcare, Nicole is both proud and astonished at her leap since graduation. 

“We have some students who work with us in the lab. It’s incredible to see where they are, to help them learn, and to recognize just how far I’ve already come,” she says.

While she’s devoted to her budding career, Nicole’s decision to join Munson Healthcare has enabled her personal life as well. She and her husband delight in Northern Michigan’s great outdoors, exploring fulfilling hobbies that bring balance and make northern Michigan feel like a treasured home. 

“I am happy just where I am,” Nicole shares. 

Getting started in a career as a Medical Lab Scientist

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