Work with a Great Healthcare Team


Work with a Great Healthcare Team

Members of the Munson Healthcare team From nursing assistants to pharmacists and security officers, members of the Munson Healthcare team are among the most talented and caring people working in healthcare today. They could work anywhere. They are here in northern Michigan because they choose to be. 

Munson Healthcare is committed to being a great place to work and to practice medicine.

Reasons Employees Choose Munson Healthcare

“The quality here is astounding. The doctors, the physician assistants, are all so good-hearted and charitable. The people here are special – it’s a good place to learn and raise a family.”

“Munson Medical Center is better than anything I could have hoped for in terms of quality of physicians and nurses and facilities – it’s really the whole package. I honestly can’t imagine a better situation for us personally and professionally.”

“I love it. We advocate for patients with insurance companies and help get their bills paid. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I helped make everything better for the patient. If this job is right for you, you will spend the rest of your life doing it.”

“I enjoy watching my patients grow up. And I love the people I work with – they are my second family. I heard Munson Healthcare was a great place to work, and it is.”

“It’s emotionally rewarding to help people feel better. These are not their most glorious moments and I love to make them laugh. I also work with great people. I’m really valued as a teammate. No matter what position you’re in, this is a really cool team atmosphere.”

“Being part of an excellent high-quality, growing system like Munson Healthcare was a draw for me. I wanted to work for a system that has a true commitment to safety and quality work.”

“I have always known that Munson Healthcare is a great organization. During my interviews, I really got the sense that we have wonderful people working here, dedicated administrators, and a solid vision for the future. Our philosophy of care is to do the right things for the right reasons.”

Be A Healthcare Hero at Munson Medical Center

Munson Medical Center is looking for compassionate, dependable, flexible people to join our team of healthcare heroes – full-time, part time, or temporary/on-call.

Support Service and Clinical Entry Jobs