Learn More about Ways to Be Healthy

Northern Michigan is a great place to pursue a healthy lifestyle. With abundant fresh water, fresh air, and fresh food – we have more opportunities than most to live well. But sometimes it helps to have some guidance about how to make use of all the good things that surround us.

Community Health Library

Munson Healthcare wants everyone to be healthy and live full lives. We encourage our community members to take charge of their health by making healthy choices. Our goal is to connect you to education, health tips, and local resources that will help improve your overall health and wellness. The small choices we make every day add up. We can choose well to be well.

Our Community Health Library provides health care resources for patients, families, and community members. The library is staffed with health information professionals who can answer questions and assist you in understanding your health and wellness concerns. Resources include information on traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine and they can be borrowed at no cost for an extended period of time. Resources include:

  • Books
  • Health magazines
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Anatomical models, kits, educational games
  • Condition-specific tote bags
  • Regional resource and support group directory

We invite you to learn more about our Community Health Library, located in the Foster Family Community Health Center (formerly Munson Community Health Center), 550 Munson Ave., Ste. 100. Contact us at Library-MCHCCommunityHealth@mhc.net or 231-935-9265.

Community Organizations

Listed below are some community organizations that can give you great guidance. These terrific resources are available at your fingertips.

Shape Up North logo

Shape Up North is a community collaboration that provides resources to help you and your family achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It offers tips, guidance, and support for individuals, schools, businesses, and health care providers in northern Michigan. Check out the popular Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program.

Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative logo

The Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative is a regional collaboration serving northern Michigan dedicated to the prevention, early detection, and management of diabetes. Excellent information for anyone who has or is at risk for diabetes.

Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative logo

The Fruit & Vegetable Superstar Nutrition Program is family-friendly and ideal for preschool-aged children, offering hands-on educational activities, a healthy snack and take home materials to help families begin “choosing well”.

FitKids logo

FitKids360 is a seven-week healthy lifestyle program for children ages 5 to 17 and their parents or support partners. This referral-based program combines basic education about nutrition, behavior and exercise with a wide range of physical activities to help participants develop healthy habits, eat better and become more active. This successful childhood obesity intervention program was created by Munson Healthcare Vice President of Quality and Safety Tom Peterson, MD.

Healthy Futures logo

Healthy Futures is a partnership of northern Michigan health care providers, health departments, and Munson Healthcare that provides support and education to new mothers and their children, from pregnancy through age five.

Wellness Wednesday logo

Low cost health screenings and one-on-one consultations are available each Wednesday in downtown Charlevoix from 8 - 11 am.