Evidence-Based Practice Internship

The Evidence-Based Practice Internship Program at Munson Medical Center gives nurses an opportunity to analyze best practices and recommend improvements in nursing practice. Participants review current nursing practices and compare those practices with evidence found in the literature. The nurses are charged with demonstrating a return on investment for the project by addressing patient care outcomes, quality of care, and financial return. Throughout the internship program, participating nurses get step-by-step direction and guidance.

The internship program ultimately will result in a cadre of nurses at Munson who have been educated on how to evaluate nursing research and best practices found in the literature and other types of evidence, and apply that learning in a clinical setting.

“This program will help ensure that nursing practice at Munson is consistent with the research and best practices found in literature. It creates a system for direct care nurses to explore, understand, and apply evidence-based practice principles.”  Kathleen Glaza, MSN, ACNS, BC, Clinical Nurse Specialist for A7 and B4.