Munson Healthcare Hospice 2021 Virtual Memorial Butterfly Release

August 5, 2021


Harp Prelude

Mary Mintz, Munson Healthcare Hospice Volunteer


Welcome and Introductions

Erin Gray LPC, CGCS, Munson Healthcare Hospice Bereavement Coordinator

Shari Wilson, President, Munson Healthcare Home Health Services


Significance of the Butterflies

Erin Gray LPC, CGCS


Loved Ones Remembered and Reading of Names

Lori Smith, LMSW

 Jessica Hawkins, LMSW

Wendy Bennett, RN

Erin Gray, LPC, CGCS

Amanda Price, RN

Sarah Thibault, LMSW


Release of Butterflies

Munson Healthcare Hospice Team Members


Reflection and Closing

Erin Gray LPC, CGCS


The Butterfly

The small and delicate wings of the butterfly carries symbolism in a variety of cultures and belief systems across the world. Irish, Mexican and Native American cultures, Greek mythology, and Christianity all mention the butterfly and believe that it is in some way connected to the heavens or representative of our soul or resurrection.

From their short and swiftly changing lifecycles to the thousands of miles they may fly in their little time in this world, they are tiny creatures that remind us of our life’s journey and that we are never the same at the end as we were at the beginning.


Download Butterfly Release Program (PDF)


Thank you for sharing this special time of remembrance with us. Heartfelt thanks as always to GT Butterfly House & Bug Zoo for loving care and assistance with butterflies; and, to the many Munson Healthcare Hospice staff and volunteers for their generous assistance in making these special events possible.


Munson Healthcare Butterfly Release 2020 Program

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