Donation Drop-Off Locations - CLOSED

Thank you to those who have made donations of gifts of goods during this challenging time. The response from our communities was awe-inspiring and we are so grateful for the tremendous support we received from thousands of people. Your generosity has provided hundreds of thousands of items for Munson Healthcare and has better prepared us to meet the challenges we face.

Beginning Thursday, June 11, Munson Healthcare donation drop-off locations will be closed and will not be accepting gifts of goods or services. Homemade face masks continue to be an item of great need and we will continue to accept these for distribution to our patients and visitors at all of our hospitals and care facilities. Please send them directly to the Munson Healthcare Foundations at 1150 Medical Campus Drive, Traverse City, MI 49684. We will ensure all donated items are processed through our laundry facility and distributed appropriately throughout all service areas.

Please call the Foundations at 231-213-1150 with any questions regarding donations and acceptable items.

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