We Do Amazing Things Together

Each day, amazing things are happening at Munson Medical Center. From offering the highest quality care and positively impacting lives through the use of state-of-the-art technology, to providing an excellent place to work and to grow for so many individuals here in northern Michigan, Munson Medical Center is more than just a facility or location. We are a community – a community that extends far beyond our hospital walls.

We are a team of more than 4,000 with the privilege of serving thousands of patients each day, at Munson Medical Center as well as at Munson Community Health Center, Cowell Family Cancer Center, and numerous outpatient locations. We have been your community hospital for more than 100 years, and we take very seriously our obligation to care for you and your family in times of need.

Within our community are stories of healing and recovery, of lasting connections made between health care team members and their patients, of significant technology advancements that lead to a higher quality of life. We invite you to learn more about our progress as a hospital—as a community—here.

Our True North

To help guide us in all that we do, each and every day, we adhere to our “True North” philosophy. At the center of this compass is the patient and the patient’s experience, with the four additional areas of focus including: making this a great place to work; ensuring a safe team and safe care; delivering the right care, at the right time, and in the right place; and ensuring a strong future.

Learn more about True North. 

Patient Stories

Health care team members going above and beyond. Expert care delivered at the right time. New technologies that make life enjoyable again. No one explains who we are and what we do better than our patients. 

Read and listen to their stories.   

Quality and Safety

We have an enormous responsibility to ensure we do the right thing for every patient, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Quality is a core focus and it weighs heavily in each decision we make. 

Learn more about how we ensure safe, quality care.

Nursing Report

Our nurses are respected clinical experts and valued partners in care. They are recognized as mentors, educators, and strong health care advocates. Professional nursing practice is emphasized and Shared Governance provides a framework for nurses to participate in clinical decision-making and improve the quality of their work life. 

Learn more about our nurses and their accomplishments in the 2017 Nursing Annual Report. 

Bargaining Updates & Commitment to Our Community

In August 2017, registered nurses at Munson Medical Center took part in a two-day election to determine if they should be represented by the Michigan Nurses Association. The result: 489 nurses voted in favor of forming a union while 439 voted against the measure. Four months later, the Michigan Nurses Association requested the first bargaining session.

Since December 7, 2017, the collective bargaining committee, that includes representatives from both sides, has been meeting four full days per month for the past seven months, with much more work being done in between sessions. It’s a big time commitment, and we’re dedicated to it.

Throughout these first-time contract negotiations, we seek in good faith to move forward together and continue to work as one health care team so that every patient we treat continues to receive award-winning care. It is our goal to be transparent throughout the collective bargaining process. 

We invite you to read our commitment to our community and to stay up-to-date on progress with bargaining updates.

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