Core4TM is an adult weight management program developed by Sodexo Registered Dietitians. The course uses evidence-based research and guidelines from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as other national organizations. The program encompasses nutrition education, physical activity, and behavioral therapy to promote sustainable lifestyle changes.

Core4 provides participants with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully manage their weight by making better choices. 

Nutrition education focuses on the Mediterranean lifestyle and includes food tastings with recipes participants can take home to share with their families.

The physical activity component addresses the benefits of exercise, mechanisms of fitness, and the basics of planning an exercise program.

Behavior modification consists of weekly assignments and discussion from The Appetite Awareness Workbook, which addresses how to listen to your body and overcome overeating and obsessions with food.  

Core4 Phase One includes 12 weekly, 90-minute group classes and six individual appointments with a dietitian coach and an exercise trainer. All past participants are welcome to revisit any and all Phase One classes.

Core4 Reboot (Phase Two) is available to all Core4 graduates whether you are feeling great with what you are doing, struggling, or somewhere in between. The reboot includes a 1-hour session twice per month to help support, maintain, and/or get back on track with mindful eating.

Do I qualify for Core4?

Employees and their spouses are eligible for the program if their BMI is 27.5 or greater, they are committed to exercising, and they are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes.

How much does it cost?

The year-long program costs $100. Payroll deduction is available.

Upcoming Sessions and Enrollment

  • Phase One in Traverse City: Classes begin the week of Apr. 22. This session will cover 10 weeks instead of the usual 12 weeks. 

Attendance at an informational session is required for enrollment in a Phase One session.

Munson Medical Center Informational Sessions

  • Tuesday, Apr. 2, 3:30 pm, Medical Records Conference Room

  • Wednesday, Apr. 3, 4 pm, Dining Room 3

  • Thursday, Apr. 4, 5 pm, Dining Room 4

  • Monday, Apr. 8, 4:30 pm, Dining Room 4

  • Tuesday, Apr. 9, 4 pm, Dining Room 2

  • Wednesday, Apr. 10, 5 pm, Medical Records Conference Room

  • Friday, Apr. 12, 3:30 pm, Dining Room 4

What Participants Said

All participants surveyed after a pilot Core4 Phase One program at Munson Medical Center reported increased energy, better sleep, improved physical health, self confidence, ability to eat a healthy diet and ability to exercise regularly.

  • "The Appetite Awareness Training is really important. I have never experienced this concept and I have been in every weight loss program around. Meeting new people in the same building with the same issues was really helpful."
  • "I loved that we don’t have to count calories and that the focus is on changing our behavior regarding food."
  • "Great group interaction and great staff in all aspects of the program."
  • "I really liked seeing others in the building in the program. It was nice to get to know more people and constant encouragement even just seeing others in the hall."
  • "I especially liked focusing on the mindfulness of eating, dissecting a meal with a focus for pause, as well as interactions with the group and seeing them frequently."