Eating a healthy diet is central to your health and well-being. Eating is something most of us do at least three times a day, and each choice we make, no matter how big or small, adds up. The food choices we make can make us feel energized, satisfied, and happy, or they can make us feel sluggish, irritable, and ready for a nap.

Whether you are trying to lower your blood pressure, achieve a healthy weight, be a good role model for your children, or simply want to prevent chronic disease associated with a poor diet, choosing healthy foods can help you achieve your goals.

Munson Healthcare wants to help employees and their families feel their best, stave off disease by offering tools and resources to make choosing healthy foods easier, to maintain or achieve healthy weight, and provide convenient access to local farm-fresh foods. 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Your food doesn’t get any fresher than this unless you grow it yourself. Participating in Community Supported Agriculture allows you and your family to eat locally grown foods that have higher nutrient density because of a shorter time from farm to plate. Subscribing to a CSA is also a great way to support local farms.

Available in: Cadillac, Charlevoix, and Traverse City


Exercise should be enjoyable. All movement is exercise. Do the thing that puts a smile on your face. Crank up the music and dance in your living room. Run through the sprinkler. Do leg lifts while you’re stretched out on your beach towel. Go sledding.

Physical activity increases your chances for a longer, healthier life. Regular physical activity also may help prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Regular physical activity also may increase your energy and boost your mood.

Please note, some Fitness Centers and classes may not be available currently due to COVID-19. Please contact the facility directly to check availability. 

Active&Fit™ Direct

Another benefit of your Priority Health insurance is access to Active&Fit Direct, a network of more than 300 fitness centers in Michigan, including Snap Fitness, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and Curves. Pay just $25 enrollment fee and $25 per month after using a free guest pass to try it out. Learn more.

Traffic Light Program

Munson Healthcare is committed to being the role model of good health to its employees, patients, and communities. Making healthy food choices isn’t always easy. Munson Healthcare is implementing the Traffic Light Program in hospital cafeterias to help people know at a glance which options are a healthier choice.

Available in: Traverse CityCadillac, and Grayling. Coming to area hospitals soon.

Weight Watchers at Work

Trying to change habits alone can be difficult, which is why Weight Watchers at Work is so effective. Knowing you aren’t alone and feeling the support of the group can help you be more successful at achieving your goals. Having the accountability of virtual group meetings makes sticking with the program easier. 

Available virtually across the system