Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub allows you to create your own fitness or wellness challenge with dozens of options to choose from. For instance:

  • Challenge your coworkers to a push-up challenge.
  • Compete with your friends to save money by seeing who can use only cash for 30 days.

Comment on each other’s status updates, view the leader board, and enjoy a friendly competition while you create healthier habits together!

The Wellbeing Hub is a free benefit providing tools, programs, and activities that are customized to your specific health and wellness needs.

Get Started

Need support with weight loss, quitting tobacco, stress, financial management, managing a condition, or another wellbeing challenge? Visit your Wellbeing Hub to get started:

  • Login to your account at member.priorityhealth.com.
  • Click on the Healthy Living tab.
  • Complete a short survey the first time you visit the Wellbeing Hub to receive content and tools suited to your specific needs.
  • Complete actions to tailor your experience. As you engage, the Wellbeing Hub customizes information and offers you programs and solutions with your health in mind.

For more information on the Wellbeing Hub, call 800.446.5674.

Available in CadillacCharlevoixFrankfortGraylingKalkaskaManistee, and Traverse City