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June Poll Results

Our poll question this month: “What is that one amazing thing that not only brings you joy but motivates you to stay healthy?” Thank you to everyone who completed this month's poll! Here are the employee responses by location! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s poll! Check out the video below to see the poll results, find out which location won the competition, who the winner is, what the prize is, and to hear from a few employees on the poll question: What is that one amazing thing that not only brings you joy but motivates you to stay healthy?


15 Great Responses

  1. "I’m 64, so when my grandsons ask me to play goalie while they send slap-shots zinging my way, it makes me realize what a joy it is to be able to move freely!" – Charlevoix
  2. "Surviving Cancer!! And trying to get healthier so that I can continue to fight the battle." – TC
  3. "The one thing that motivates me is, as a nurse it is hard to educate my patients on a healthy lifestyle when I do not live one myself. I want to "practice what I preach." – Gaylord
  4. "When I lift weights it makes me feel good and keeps me in a positive frame of mind. I always think to include activity as part of my self-care routine just like brushing your teeth or showering." – TC
  5. "Being the family historian. I had a health scare last year and my children, nephews and nieces told me I had to get better and stay around because I am the only family left of my generation to be able to pass on our history to their children. I never thought I would be the Matriarch of the family, but now that I am I want to keep the position for a good long stretch!" – Frankfort
  6. "Walking outdoors in our beautiful state. By losing weight I have been able to enjoy more hiking on our sunny days." – TC
  7. "Wanting to be able to hike and enjoy the natural beauty of northern Michigan’s woods and waterways with my family without feeling tired early or getting winded keeps me motivated to hit the gym to build strength and endurance." – Manistee
  8. "My ultra-amazing severely apraxic daughter is what keeps me motivated. Everything that requires motor movement is difficult for her including her speech. The more we do things, the better she gets physically and verbally. :)" – Gaylord
  9. "My husband and I enjoy travel and someday when we retire we need to be healthy and mobile enough to be able to be adventurous in our older age. We love travel and one day hope to do more after our kiddos are grown!" – TC
  10. "Every day I meet people who are living with health issues that may have been mitigated if they made different lifestyle choices. They are my motivation to make the best choices I can every day to stay strong and healthy. I also have a wonderful husband who has stayed married to me for 29 years and I am planning on at least 29 more!!!" – Charlevoix
  11. "My 89 year old grandmother is my amazing thing. She still lives alone, bowls, golfs, gardens, drives and takes no medication. I strive to stay active everyday so that I hopefully will have that quality of life when I am her age :)" – Cadillac
  12. "The first step I took after getting out of my wheelchair the first time made me realize how much I had taken my health for granted, a mistake that I never want to repeat." – TC
  13. "My kids bring the most joy. They keep me motivated because I want to be around for a long time to watch them grow up. I also like to be able to go do things with them. It can be as simple as going to look for mushrooms or throwing around the football with my boys." – Charlevoix
  14. "Kayaking & bird watching at our cabin in the U.P.  We have a nesting pair of Bald eagles on one of the small islands on our lake in the U.P. that’s only accessible by small boats. Love paddling out to keep an eye on the growing eaglets." – Gaylord
  15. "Being able to continue DIY renovation projects that involve climbing ladders, balancing on scaffolding, painting, etc." – TC

May Poll Results

Our poll question this month: “When you are feeling frustrated or stressed, how do you stay calm and keep a level-headed perspective?” Thank you to everyone who completed this month's poll! Here are the employee responses by location! 

Watch the video below to learn who won the kayak and paddle who works at Munson Medical Center. You will also hear from Deb Cenname, a personal trainer and exercise specialist at the Betsie Hosick Fitness Center in Frankfort on why exercise helps alleviate stress. Thank you to everyone who answered this month's poll question! Check back in June for the next poll.

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May’s Most Unique Optional Poll Responses:

  1. "By doing something pleasant. Instead of beating myself up mentally over a frustrating day, I choose to do something enjoyable. Take a soaking bath. Read a book. Go Golfing. Go for a nature trail walk. Emerge myself in a quilting project. I indulge myself a little yet stay sensible in my choice. Hobbies are effective for helping dispel frustration." – Cadillac
  2. ""Running away" the frustration on a long run and thinking through a situation with a clear head after I’m no longer in the moment helps. I tend to think before responding, especially with my kids. I keep in mind trying to model how I want them to respond when they are frustrated." – Traverse City
  3. "4 square breathing- breathe in 4 seconds and out 4 seconds." – Frankfort
  4. "Along the same lines as meditation/mindfulness in my life is prayer. It doesn’t need to be eloquent, just whatever is on your heart." – Cadillac
  5. "Along with exercising I tell myself positive affirmations such as "stay strong", "you got this", and I try to stay present (look at something and describe it to myself). This helps with stopping any negative self-talk." – Gaylord
  6. "At work, I will take few deep breaths and it helps a lot. When I get home I go into my sewing room and create something. I find having a creative outlet helps a lot. Forces you to focus on something else. And, bonus, you have a finished project." – Traverse City
  7. "Having coffee with our 2 pygmy goats in their pasture. Their reckless abandon always makes me laugh." – Traverse City
  8. "Teaching my bird new phrases and playing my guitar." – Kalkaska
  9. "To stay calm look around you. Find 5 things you can see. 4 things you can touch. 3 things you can hear. 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. This helps to stay grounded." – Charlevoix
  10. "Journal, or draft a letter to/about whoever/whatever is on my mind. Doing so provides clarity, and then I may not even need to send the note." – Grayling
  11. "I love to laugh. Laughing is a great stress relief. You can find humor in almost any situation." – Traverse City
  12. "Putting on music and dancing or going barefoot in the yard and connecting with the earth." – Manistee
  13. "I always take a step back, take a few deep breaths and think about what is really important in life. I have two beautiful grandchildren that are more important to me than any conflict that may arise." – TC
  14. "I ask myself 3 questions: Why am I upset? Who am I most upset with? Were their actions intentional or am I taking it out of context? Once I answer those 3 questions I can re-focus and use my EAP tools to get my body and mind to relax." – Grayling
  15. "I remember that I can choose to let things under my skin or I can choose to address the issue and either do something about it or let it go. My favorite quote is "Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out". I can dwell on the negative or try to see things in a positive light." – Traverse City

April Poll Results

Our poll question this month: “When you’re trying to make a healthy lifestyle change, what helps you most to stay on track?” Thank you to everyone who completed this month's poll! Here are the employee responses by location! 

Watch the video below to see who won the smart water bottle and Fitbit Alta. Thank you to Julie Mueller and Julie Patulski for sharing your stories.

April’s Most Unique Optional Poll Responses:

  1. "I feel good when I stay on track. This helps keep me motivated."  – TC
  2. "I like to have an end of day accountability person. One who is waiting to hear from me and vice versa." – Charlevoix
  3. "I know when I wear something not too often and it suddenly seems tight, I’ve been off track too long. I then pick an outfit that I would love to fit back in to, and work toward that goal." – Manistee
  4. "My favorite way to stay on track is I have little notes placed everywhere. My children are 11 and 8 so they remind me constantly." – Manistee
  5. "I try to isolate one area/item at a time. Once my daily routine has adjusted to the point that the habit or food item is no longer a consideration, I move onto the next area of focus." – Gaylord
  6. "My husband and I try to encourage each other, so we decided that "he who is falling behind on their goals" has to take the dog out when she asks... and she asks A LOT." – TC
  7. "I make my password something to do with my goals. That way I have to type it many times a day." – TC
  8. "I’ve assigned a point value to good habits, like drinking water, exercising, and a negative point value to bad habits, like eating junk food or exceeding an app time limit. If I score over so many points in a month, I treat myself to a non-food reward." – TC
  9. "Placing money in a jar when daily goal achieved and removing when goal is not achieved. At the end of a designated time using the money as a reward for myself." – Grayling
  10. "Before I eat something that is not on my healthy track, I ask myself, is this going to help me reach my goal? Am I really hungry? Am I dehydrated? Am I bored?" – Grayling


Here are more resources available to help you stack on track with your healthy lifestyle goals.