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November's Feature

Topic: Share your favorite healthy holiday recipe. We're looking for recipes low in refined sugar/saturated fat/calories, high in vegetables/fruit, free from artificial ingredients. Include a photo and add a link to the recipe website or type in a family recipe! The wellness team will review all recipes and the top one will be the winner of the prize, and the top 10 will be published.

November's Share Your Favorite Winner

Congrats to Karen Wagner from Munson Medical Center. Karen wins a $25 Visa gift card for her recipe: Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus.

Top 10 Health Holiday Recipes from Munson Healthcare Employees:

  1. Smokey Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus: Karen Wagner, Munson Medical Center: “This yummy pumpkin hummus makes a great appetizer at the holidays or is great in a wrap with roasted veggies, goat cheese, and greens. Honey-wheat braided pretzels and carrots are my favorite dippers.”
  2. Healthy Chocolate Gingerbread Protein Smoothie: Ron Barber, Munson Medical Center: “This healthy chocolate gingerbread protein smoothie is creamy, decadent, and packed with plant-powered protein, fiber, iron, calcium -- and a secret ingredient, cauliflower! Enjoy this delicious vegan shake for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.”
  3. Northern Michigan Chickpea Brownies: Meghan Sarna, Munson Medical Center: “A blondie alternative with local, Michigan chickpeas.”
  4. Cinnamon Carrots: Sheila Melke, Charlevoix Hospital
  5. Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges: Ann Lucido, Copper Ridge, Traverse City
  6. Banana Walnut Muscle Muffins: Amber Rahn, Otsego Memorial Hospital: “A perfect breakfast or snack. They are rich in Omega-3s, fiber, and protein. These are my go-to for breakfast after an early morning workout before work.”
  7. Autumn Chopped Salad: Kayla Weise, Munson Medical Center
  8. Caprese Christmas Wreath Cynthia Walters, Munson Medical Center: “This one of my favorite hors d’oeuvres to take to Christmas and New Year’s parties! I never bring any home as it is a great thing to munch on and keep yourself from overindulging. Scrummy!
  9. Waldorf Salad: Pamela Holmquist, Cadillac Hospital
  10. Christmas Tree Fruit Art: Elise Cleary, Munson Medical Center: “Choose your favorite fruit and use toothpicks to build a Christmas tree. Shape a star out of pineapple or star fruit for the tree topper!”

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September's Feature

Topic: Have you been saving up for something that means a lot to you, or something you’re excited about? Let us know! In September’s Share Your Favorites contest, share what you’ve been saving for, and why. 

Number of Responses: 95

September's Share Your Favorite Winner

Congrats to Kimberly Rollins from Grayling! Kimberly won a $25 Visa gift card. Her submission: "I have been working toward saving for a healthy down payment on a home. More specifically this summer I put in an offer on a home but don’t want to waste summer so I have been saving what I can to get my kids outside and do as much as we can enjoying what all Michigan has to offer. We have been kayaking, swimming, hiking, picnicking, and last weekend we went corn maze trekking. Most of these things we were able to do with the park pass I purchased with my vehicle registration and a packed picnic lunch. Next we plan to drive the tunnel of trees!"

Great Savings Goals of Munson Health Care Team Members from 6 Different Locations

  1. "I am saving for retirement so I can be a full-time grandma and a full-time crafter." – Ann True, Cadillac
  2. "I have been saving for Christmas and the newborn girl we will have the day after Christmas." – Kayla Outman, Manistee
  3. "Saving for sharing gifts with others in a desperate situation, to help meet some of their basic needs, ie. Food, clothes, meds, transportation, caring for children with ill or absent parents." – Wendy Hunt, Traverse City
  4. "Recording equipment for an acoustic guitar so I can share my music with out of state family without the distortion." – Jennifer Root, Kalkaska
  5. "I’ve been saving for a weekend away to celebrate my husband’s recovery from a major stroke 8 months ago. His birthday is in November and would like to surprise him." – Jenny Forman, Gaylord
  6. "I’ve been saving for a new laptop for the past few months so I can continue to work on my writing and my hopes of publishing a novel at some point." – Esther Brill, Charlevoix

June's Feature

Topic: Share your favorite quote, saying, or mantra that keeps you motivated to be your healthiest.

Number of Responses: 82

June's Share Your Favorite Winner

Congrats to Terri LaCharite from Traverse City! Terri won a $15 Amazon gift card. Her favorite healthy motivational quote is: “Don’t work out because you hate your body, work out because you love it!” Thank you to everyone who submitted your favorite!

Top 10 Quotes, Mantras, and Sayings Munson Healthcare Team Members Shared that Motivate Them to Stay Healthy:

  1. "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly". - Samantha Oxby, Cadillac, and Mark Cosens, Charlevoix.
  2. "Your body can stand almost anything; it’s your mind you have to convince." - Mary Sanborn, Frankfort.
  3. "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!" - Melissa Farrier, Gaylord.
  4. "Carpe diem! Because you never know when you’re going to run out of diems to carpe." - Nickie Owens, Gaylord.
  5. "Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible." - Kimberly Rollins, Grayling.
  6. "If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got." - Candice Wiers and Melinda Shock, Charlevoix.
  7. "Be kind. It’s so simple and so important. Whenever I find myself becoming frustrated with someone, I remind myself that I do not know their struggles." - Betty Randall, Kalkaska.
  8. "I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what it feels like if I don’t." - Megan McClain, TC
  9. "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." - Micki McHugh and Mike Bentley, Charlevoix.
  10. "You have to want it more than you fear it." - Toni Warren, TC

April's Feature

Topic: Share the name of your favorite app that helps you stay on track with your health/wellness goals and why it’s your favorite. The Wellness Team will review the apps and select the best ones and share them on the website. Everyone who submits their favorite app will be entered into a drawing for a $15 iTunes or Google Play gift card!

Number of Different Apps Submitted: 40

Total Responses: 119

April's Share Your Favorites Winner

Congrats to Ann Lucido from Grayling! She won her choice of a $15 gift card to iTunes or Google Play! Her favorite app that helps her stay on track to reaching her health goals is Samsung Health.

Most Popular Apps Submitted

  1. My Fitness Pal (36) “It helps to not only track my food intake, but also exercise. It has great recipes to help me stay on track and lots of blogs from fitness experts that I can utilize to help me reach my goal.” — Lonnette Bissett, Kalkaska
  2. Fitbit (17) “I enjoy reaching my daily step goal. It reminds me to keep busy and move each day. It is also fun when my friends start step challenges on the app. The most steps win!” — Mary Sanford, Manistee
  3. Weight Watchers (8) “It helps me by providing healthy recipe ideas, track my food and also has quick scanning to determine points and if a food fits your program.” — Dawn Gilbert, TC
  4. Strava (6) “It tracks how far I’ve gone, calories burned, where I have gone, and who else is out on the trails with me so I know who I can meet up with. It lets me know if I have beaten my previous time in the same segment. And gives me little badges for beating my time.” — Kacey Scott, TC
  5. Samsung Health (6) “It automatically keeps tract of my steps, calories burned, and notifies me if I have been sedentary for too long. I can keep tract from my watch or phone.”  — Rebecca Krolczyk, Manistee

15 Great Wellness Apps and Why Employees Like Them

  1. ShopWell “Helps me buy the right kind of food.” — Elizabeth Glasser, Gaylord
  2. Lose It “Helps me keep track of total food and activity daily.” — Aimee Simerson, TC
  3. Runtastic “I love how it tracks all my activities and keeps me striving for just that little extra each time.” — Kris Sutten, Cadillac
  4. See How You Eat “I enjoy taking pictures of pretty and nourishing food. As well, I like to reflect back on the day as a whole and see cumulatively what I ate.” — Tara Rybicki, TC
  5. Charity Miles “Allows me to donate to charities. I can earn points easily by doing what I love.”  Erica Harrell, TC
  6. Noom “It digs into the psychology behind why we do or don’t do things. They have daily short 2-3 minute lessons so you learn a lot about habits, tips, tools, etc.” — Angela Gee, Charlevoix
  7. Calm “The calm app is great if you have trouble falling asleep or you just need to take some time for relaxation.” — Erin Rose, TC. 
  8. Peloton “It has multiple different ways to be active from meditation to cycling and running. There are also accountability groups that are attached to it on FaceBook and Instagram that help keep you on track, share issues, concerns, or if you just need a pick me up.” — Belinda Lemcool, TC
  9. Map My Walk “Visual GPS as you walk, connects to your music, can change your run or snow shoe, etc. Auto emails with health related articles.” — Penny Hawkins, TC
  10. 7 Minute Workout “It has workouts between 7-20 minutes. The majority of them are done without equipment. It’s a great app to use on breaks or lunch if you want to get some activity in.” — Randi Hunter, Charlevoix
  11. Simple Habit “Helps me to be able to focus on meditation for 5-10 minutes if I need a break. My kids also use it too!” — Hanna Dubord, Frankfort.
  12. Spark People “I can keep track of all my fat/calories/protein for the day, to make sure I’m sticking to my goals.” — Jenni Fensch, Gaylord. 
  13. Omada “Good lesson plans, weight check ins, listing of daily foods eaten, etc.” — Robin Graham, TC
  14. Jillian Michaels “You have tons of workout plans. You can completely customize your workouts. It also gives you tons of meal ideas and full recipes, and helps you track your calories. You can take progress pictures and track your weight loss. I use it almost every day.”  Elizabeth Heinz, TC
  15. Interval Timer “Ben Watson recommended. Great for circuit training. Mine is set for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds. For 45 seconds, you do an exercise; it sounds a beep; then 15 seconds of rest or changing to the next exercise. You also set the length of time you want it to go (20 minutes, 30 minutes--whatever you want). You can set the intervals for any length of time also.” — Catherine “Kate” Gallagher, TC

February's Feature: Healthy Recipes

The Munson Healthcare Wellness Team will select the top 3-5 recipes to be shared on the myWellness website. The person with the #1 recipe won a $15 gift voucher to their local Munson Healthcare hospital cafe!

Coconut 'shrimp' cauliflower tacos from Plantifully Based

Source: Plantifully Based

Looking for healthy cooking ideas? Here are some of Brittany's favorite recipes:


Top 10 Healthy Recipe Submissions from Munson Healthcare Employees

  1. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Cranberries, Walnuts and Goat Cheese (Pictured here)
  2. Lemon Energy Balls
  3. Sesame Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry
  4. Three Sisters Soup
  5. “Cheater” Pad Thai
  6. Egg Roll in a Bowl
  7. Sticky Sesame Cauliflower
  8. Minnesota Winter Chili
  9. Pulled Chicken Ancho Chili and Black Bean Soup
  10. Parsley Pesto