PatientPing Portal

PatientPing is a national care coordination network that connects healthcare providers with real-time clinical event notifications whenever, and wherever, a patient receives their care.

Munson Healthcare has partnered with PatientPing to provide real-time e-notifications upon patient admit, discharge, and transfer events at Middlesex to community provider recipients in accordance with the new CMS requirements.

The participating hospitals are:

  • Cadillac Hospital
  • Charlevoix Hospital
  • Grayling Hospital
  • Manistee Hospital
  • Munson Medical Center
  • Otsego Memorial Hospital
  • Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital

Community providers will be able access event notifications from Munson Healthcare in two different ways:


Notifications will be sent to PCPs and other providers identified by the patient and recorded in their patient record during a hospital encounter via Direct Messages, a national encryption standard for secure clinical data exchange. Providers will have the option to unsubscribe from receiving Direct Messages via a link in the e-notification if they wish.

Primary care entities, PACs, and other providers can also proactively request and receive notifications on their attributed patients at no cost by submitting a patient roster either directly or through a PAC EHR integration. Providers will be able to select from flexible notification delivery options to suit their workflows including web application, SMS/email push alerts, and data downloads.


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Click here for a full notification of compliance with new CMS e-notification requirements.