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No visitors allowed, with few exceptions. All patients and permitted visitors are required to wear a Munson Healthcare-issued mask.

Safe. Trusted. Always.

Our Commitment to Keeping You Healthy and Safe

Your health and safety mean more to you than ever before. We understand that more than anyone because the health and safety of our communities have always been our top priority at Munson Healthcare – long before COVID-19. Our commitment to your health and safety has never changed. But it has evolved. 

Providing you with the highest standard of safe and effective patient care means continuously expanding the way we deliver healthcare. The recent health pandemic has charged us to implement new initiatives in safe patient care, while still providing you with the same compassionate, reliable, leading-edge care you trust. Our doctors and caregivers are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe and prevent the spread of infection.

Keeping Our Patients Safe During COVID-19

You don’t have to choose between your health and your safety – during this time or any other time. At Munson Healthcare, we’re here for you, restoring you back to your very best while keeping you safe.

Whether you require advanced medical care, you have a medical concern, or it’s time for a routine screening or check-up, we’re ready to see you in a safe, clean setting that meets both your healthcare needs and comfort level. 

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COVID-19 Updates

Putting Your Safety First

Please be reassured that you can see your doctor and receive care safely during COVID-19. We are here for you to treat your medical needs with the same level of outstanding care as always. To keep our patients safe, we’ve expanded our safety precautions to ensure safe and effective patient care.  

Here’s what you can expect at all Munson Healthcare facilities: 

  • Every employee and provider has been specially trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves to ensure your safety.
  • We regularly monitor the latest guidance from trusted sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO), Johns Hopkins University, and We continuously adapt our policies and procedures to protect both our patients and our healthcare team.
  • We are regularly and thoroughly disinfecting all facilities.
  • We have strict visitor restrictions in place to prevent crowding and new protocols in place to honor social distancing.
  • COVID-19 patients are treated in separate, isolated units of our hospitals that we’ve sectioned off to prevent spread of infection.
  • We offer a virtual visit option so patients can receive the care they need from the comfort of home.

When You Arrive

Every day, each and every person (our devoted health care workers included) is screened for COVID-19 before entering any of our facilities. Our screenings ensure that those who may be sick with COVID-19 are re-routed to a safe secure place, either back home or in an isolated unit designated strictly for COVID-19 patients. In addition, our strict universal masking policy asks everyone who enters our facilities to wear a face mask, properly secured to cover both the mouth and nose. A mask will be provided to you if you don’t bring your own. Cloth masks are welcome. 

Committed to Cleanliness

We are regularly and thoroughly disinfecting all areas of our facilities, with special attention to higher-traffic areas. Patients who are COVID-19 positive (or suspected to be) are quarantined in a separate unit, away from our other patients. 

Space for Social Distancing

When you walk into any Munson Healthcare facility, clear and ample signage serves as a strong visual reminder to keep a 6-foot or more distance from others to help prevent the spread of infection. New scheduling practices, such as staggered appointment times, and strict visitor restrictions help promote social distancing of 6-feet or more in our common spaces and waiting rooms. 

Visitation Restrictions

Virtual Health

You can now get the expert care you need right from your phone or computer, without having to leave home. These virtual visits are fully secure, allowing you to see your doctor safely from the comfort of home. 

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In-Person Care

Virtual care isn’t for everyone. Whether your care plan involves special medical equipment or technology – or you simply prefer the experience of an in-person visit with your provider – we’re prepared and ready to care for you, providing the same compassionate, high-quality care in a safe, clean environment. 

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Emergencies Shouldn't Stay Home. Heart attacks, stroke, and other emergencies don't pause during crises like COVID-19. Don't ignore the warning signs – Call 911 immediately to get medical attention for what could be a life-threatening emergency. 

However you receive care, we want to get you to your healthiest so you can start to feel like you again. Make sure to ask us about all the ways we are working to keep our patients healthy and safe during COVID-19.

Commonly Asked Questions and Concerns

What has it been like in our hospitals during COVID-19?
While we’ve treated a small number of COVID-19 patients in special, isolated hospital units designated strictly for COVID-19 care, the majority of the patients we’ve seen in the past few weeks came to us with urgent medical needs such as heart conditions, strokes, or other emergencies – and of course, we’ve continued to welcome moms and deliver babies as well.  

Why can’t my loved one(s) be with me during treatment?
As a team of compassionate care providers who place a high value on family and community, our hearts are with you. However, a critical part of protecting our patients’ safety means honoring social distancing. This includes keeping our facilities open and spacious for the people who need our care. 

What if another patient or visitor refuses to wear a mask, putting others at risk?
All patients and the very limited number of visitors we do allow on a special-case basis are required to wear masks at all times.