Frequently Asked Questions About Services Reopening

Blog: Reopening Critical Services

Is it safe for me to receive care at a Munson Healthcare facility?

Yes. Our safety strategies include masking, visitor restriction, and appropriate testing to protect and ensure your safety along with the safety of visitors, health care providers, and our staff.

Were patients notified if their service or procedure was postponed or canceled due to COVID-19?

Our surgical services team directly informed patients if their procedure was canceled or postponed.

Radiology procedures such as mammogram screenings and bone densities were not canceled but instead rescheduled to May or June. If we were unable to reach the patient by phone, the service/procedure was rescheduled and a new itinerary was mailed to their residence. The ordering provider was also notified.

We are now calling all patients whose services or procedures have been postponed due to COVID-19. If we are unable to reach the patient by phone, we are sending the order back to the provider’s office with a note informing them of the appointment status. We are retaining a copy of all service orders.

Can I go get an elective X-ray?


Will I be tested for COVID-19 prior to surgical or diagnostic procedures?

All surgical and cath lab patients will be verbally screened for COVID-19, regardless of anesthesia plans, prior to their procedure. If a patient screens positive for COVID-19, the procedure will be rescheduled. If a patient screens negative, additional COVID-19 testing may be done based on procedure type and anesthesia plan.

COVID-19 testing will only occur for patients with one of the below criteria met:

  • Procedure requires general anesthesia
  • OB patients (active labor, C-section, induction)

Will my doctor notified if I test positive for COVID-19?

Yes. If a patient tests positive for COVID-19, both the ordering provider and patient’s primary care provider will be notified

How are patients prioritized for diagnostic services?

Those patients who had scheduled appointments postponed will receive priority. New patients will also receive priority if a delay in their service would cause harm.

Will my provider be notified if I refuse to be rescheduled for my service/procedure?

If you prefer to not reschedule your service or procedure, we ask that you please contact your provider. Together you can determine how best to handle your care.

How long is my lab order active? Will I need my provider to reorder labs that were originally ordered prior to COVID-19?

Lab orders are valid for one year. You will not need your provider to reorder unless you have waited longer than one year from the order date.

Will I require a new insurance authorization for services postponed or canceled?

Most insurance payers have extended the prior authorization for up to 90 days. If not, our insurance team will request a new authorization from the ordering provider’s office.

How are canceled and postponed imaging services and orders prioritized?

We are processing all canceled and postponed orders and contacting these patients to reschedule their appointments. If you feel your appointment is urgent, please contact your provider.

How are surgical procedures being prioritized?

Diagnosis and time sensitivity are the main factors. As part of the priority determination, it is essential any delay will not cause harm. For example, a cancer surgery would be prioritized over a surgery to manage chronic pain.

Will I need pre-operative clearance for a procedure?

Yes, routine pre-operative medical clearance is still required to assess your general condition in advance of a procedure. All surgical patients will be screened for COVID-19. Your surgeon or specialist will determine if further testing is necessary for patients deemed asymptomatic or high-risk. If a test is ordered, you will receive instruction for testing within 72 hours of your scheduled procedure.

Now that the services I need are reopening, why do I have to wait so long to be seen?

The closures that took place in March have unfortunately created a significant waiting list for some services for our patients. So despite reopenings, if you have a new, non-urgent need for services, you may have a longer than usual wait. We are working diligently to see the patients who were originally delayed by the closures so we can meet new patients’ needs as well.

We are here for you and will do our absolute best to provide you with the care you need. And of course, if your need is urgent/emergent, you will be treated immediately.