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No visitors allowed, with few exceptions. All patients and permitted visitors are required to wear a Munson Healthcare-issued mask.

Munson Healthcare Responds to Herd Immunity Assertions

The views and opinions expressed in a recent Facebook post by an independent provider, who is credentialed to practice at Munson Medical Center, do not represent those of Munson Healthcare, and Munson Healthcare strongly disagrees with many elements within the post regarding the Great Barrington Declaration.

We disagree with several of the premises of the Great Barrington Declaration including allowing populations to reach herd immunity which most public health experts agree is not sound or valid. As we honor others opinions and right to say them, Munson Healthcare infectious disease experts, clinical staff and leadership will continue to support and enact the best scientific and epidemiologic principles as we know them today. It is important that we work together to flatten the curve and promote the continued health of our population through access to appropriate care and preventive measures.

What is Herd Immunity?

Support Healthcare Workers by Taking Preventive Measures

COVID-19 community spread is rising rapidly across the state, and in northern Michigan. This means that healthcare workers are being exposed and leaving hospitals with strained capacity. We urge Michiganders to comply with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services emergency order. Please support healthcare workers by taking these preventive measures: don’t gather with people outside your household; arrange virtual Thanksgiving dinners; wear a mask whenever you leave home, and practice good hand hygiene. We know that restrictions of this nature are difficult for everyone, but are necessary — now more than ever — to preserve vital healthcare resources in our region.

These safety behaviors prevent the unnecessary deaths of countless people, including those with underlying conditions who would otherwise continue to live active lives.

Munson Healthcare is Committed to Providing the Best Care

Munson Healthcare leadership, providers, clinical staff, and staff continue to be committed to providing the best possible, scientifically backed, and compassionate care of COVID-19 patients as we all face the challenges of this pandemic together. We will continue to work and learn together to keep our communities safe. We commend the thousands of healthcare workers on the frontlines of this pandemic who work tirelessly every day to provide high-quality, compassionate care to the residents of northern MI.

How to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Munson Healthcare is working with our regional health departments to coordinate offering the COVID-19 vaccine to the next priority groups in the community. Stay updated on when and how the COVID-19 vaccination will be available to you. 

Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine