Help with Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Substance Use Disorder is a continual focus on substances such as alcohol, prescription medication, marijuana, and/or other drugs to the point where they begin to affect your mood, day-to-day activities, or even begin to take over your life. Because substance use disorder is a disease of isolation, coping with your new reality during the COVID-19 crisis may be especially triggering.

You don’t have to walk this journey alone. Help is available – including the ability to connect to a certified peer recovery coach who understands first-hand how it feels to battle with substance use disorder.

You do not need a referral for any of the numbers below, and there is no wrong door for services. Any of the numbers below can connect you to help.

Recovery Resources

Munson Healthcare’s Behavioral Health office | 231-935-6382

Serving our ten-county region, we can immediately connect you to the help you need. If you live outside of this region, we can still offer support by connecting you to services close to home.

Munson Healthcare Peer Recovery Coaching (direct line) | 231-935-6716

Connect directly with a certified peer recovery coach who has personally battled substance use disorder and can offer you a unique type of support, along with the best resources and tools to help you through your own recovery.

Other Recovery Support

Addiction Treatment Services Recovery Center | 231-633-5401

Addiction Treatment Services Recovery Center offers several online supports to help you during the stay-home order.  You are also invited to join their Facebook group.

NMSAS Recovery Center and Coaches (20 County Northern Michigan) | 989-732-1791

With over 200 trained Peer Recovery Coaches in Northern Michigan, NMSAS can assist by connecting you with a coach close to where you live.

24/7 Community Crisis Number833-295-0616

A 24-hour crisis line, supported by your local Community Mental Health.

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