The Healthy Weight Center: Meeting Your Health and Weight Loss Goals

You can prevent or reverse serious health issues by reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. If other weight loss programs have not worked, this medically supervised program at the Foster Family Community Health Center in Traverse City may be for you. Our team takes a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to help you find weight loss success.

Healthy Weight Center Programs

The Healthy Weight Center offers five weight management programs. Each one includes taking an InBody Scan, specially designed nutrition and exercise plan, visits with a dietitian, and visits with an exercise specialist.

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Medical Monitoring 

All programs require monthly medical monitoring by Healthy Weight Center Medical Director Patrick Friedli, MD. Dr. Friedli is certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Please check with your insurance company to verify your co-pay for specialist visits.

InBody Scan

Many people losing weight focus on how much they weigh, but that is just one number and it doesn't tell the entire story. Knowing your body fat mass and percentage, skeletal muscle mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), and other vital metrics are key to maintaining a healthy weight and body. The InBody Scan is a tool used by the Healthy Weight Team to measure where you are on day one and further into your journey. Your team can recommend the right dietary and exercise plan when they can see the full picture with the InBody scan.

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How to Find Us

The Healthy Weight Center is located at the Foster Family Community Health Center:

550 Munson Ave. Traverse City, MI 49686

Fitness & Personal Training Options

To keep you on track with your fitness plan and ensure you’re training effectively and safely as you work toward weight loss goals, the Healthy Weight Center also offers one-on-one personal training sessions and packages.

Please call the center at 231-935-8606 to schedule a session or learn more.

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To schedule an appointment, call us at 231-935-8606.