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Interdisciplinary teams from Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Mercy Hospital Cadillac, Mercy Hospital Grayling, Munson Medical Center, and Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital have worked to create a standardized, safe, well-coordinated and well-communicated discharge process supported by the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The iPATH project will:

  • Create, obtain, and maintain an accurate and timely electronic patient medication list.
  • Enhance the EHR to support clinician workflows that provide real-time monitoring of actionable data and meet regulatory requirements for Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).
  • Develop clinical decision support interventions to enhance clinical quality, and support accurate data collection for the CQMs.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 2 related to medication reconciliation, the discharge process, clinical decision support interventions, and clinical quality measures.


iPATH Support Guide

iPATH Updates
04.07.14 eRX Trifold
03.28.14 Lighthouse Quality Measures from MPage
03.25.14 Viewing Eligibility
03.17.14 No Known Medication Allergies
03.13.14 iPATH Toolbar Buttons
03.03.14 Follow Up Component
02.24.14 PACT Process
02.18.14 Anesthesia PowerPlan Changes
02.12.14 Post iPATH Downtime Instructions
02.12.14 Nursing Update: Discharges & Transfers to ECF & Acute Care Facility
02.10.14 Nursing: Med Rec Completed in 24 Hours
02.10.14 Physicians & Superusers: Scheduled 2 Drugs RX Message
02.10.14 Med Rec: Providers w/o Internet
02.07.14 Retired Clinical Notes
02.07.14 Prioritizing Diagnoses
02.07.14 SNF Discharges
02.07.14 PT, ST and OT: Instructions
02.07.14 Case Managers: Instructions
02.05.14 Quick Reference Roles
02.04.14 Taper Prescription Order
02.04.14 Save and Sign Information
02.02.14 Pt. Instructions Alert to Nursing
02.02.14 iPATH Message Center Notes
02.01.14 Admission Med Rec and Meds by Hx
01.30.14 Complete Medications on Meds by Hx

01.29.14 Meds by Hx


Classes & Education

Video Education:
iPATH Introduction Video
iPATH Discharge PowerPlan
iPATH Entering Follow-Up Information 

Printable Instructions
Step-by-Step Specialty Specific Patient Discharge Instructions and Follow-Up Appointments

MyHealthInfo Patient Portal - Information and Invitation Instructions:
General Information about MyHealthInfo
How to Invite a Patient to the Portal
iPATH Contacts

Munson Medical Center
Jennifer Standfest, MSN, RN-BC,
Douglas McKay, MD, 
Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Cristin Brandsma,
Mercy Hospital Grayling

Carla Gardner,