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Health care providers across the United States have until October 2015 to prepare for a transformational change in the way a patient’s clinical details are summarized in the medical record.

ICD-10 replaces the 30-year-old ICD-9 system which has limited data about patients’ medical conditions and hospital inpatient procedures. ICD-9 uses a system of 14,300 diagnosis codes and 3,800 procedure codes. ICD-10 expands to 69,000 diagnosis codes and 72,000 procedure codes.

Munson Healthcare is partnering with Trinity Health to prepare for this transition. A core team has been working together on strategies, work plans, and time lines to ensure a successful transition to the new set of codes.

Read the lastest about the ICD-10 Delay and continue to watch this page for updates, education, and resources to assist in the transition.


General Resources
ICD-10 What's in it for Physicians? (PDF)
ICD-10 Conversion Myths and Facts for Physicians (PDF)
HealthStream - Helping Physicians Succeed in ICD-10 (PDF)
Precyse University Discounted Online Education (PRECYSE)
ICD10 Education Physician Checklist and HealthStream Access (PDF)
HHS - Modifications to Medical Data Code Set Standards to Adopt ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS (PDF)
Medical Society Education and Resources for ICD-10 (PDF) 
The Impact of ICD-10 on Physicians (PRECYSE)
ICD-10 Progress Status - Practice Status Report (PDF) 

Required ICD-10 Data Elements for Orders and EMRs
General (PDF) 
Primary Care Providers (PDF)
Orthopedics (PDF)

Precyse University Mobile Apps - Doc Guide and Doc Talk


Amazon Device (Kindle) Download Instructions (PDF)
Andriod Device Download Instructions (PDF)
Apple iOS Device Download Instructions (PDF)

Helpful Websites

CDC - Classification of Diseases, Functioning, and Disability 
CMS - General ICD-10 Information
Physicians Practice - ICD-10 Portal