Munson Health
Why I Give

We are thrilled and humbled when individuals step forward with extraordinary gifts. The generosity of donors is often rooted in a deep desire to strengthen the community and make a lasting impact. Their gifts and stories inspire others to join in and support projects that will touch the lives of loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Over the years, we have featured many of our generous donors in our Focus magazine. Click on their names to read their stories.


In addition to lead gifts, thousands of area residents, employeesboard members, and volunteers financially support the work of Munson Healthcare through annual giving. Health care funding is going through a historic change, making philanthropy critical to our mission. Every gift is essential for continuing to provide northern Michigan with great care.

Every member of the Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, Paul Oliver Foundation, Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation, Munson Medical Center and Munson Healthcare boards contribute each year to help support the health care needs in their community. Almost 25 percent of Munson Healthcare employees make financial gifts back to the organization to further support the work they are involved in every day. And, every member of the administration team is giving back to support the people and the patients we serve. We are all very proud of the internal support we receive every year.

Most donors never meet the people they help, but that doesn’t diminish the satisfaction they get from being donors.

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