Zoom FAQ

Is my meeting HIPAA compliant?

Yes.  The contract Munson Healthcare has signed with Zoom is a Business Pro version which includes a HIPAA BAA which ensures that your meeting is HIPAA compliant. 

How can I make my meeting more secure?

There are several ways you can make your Zoom session even more secure.

Add a Password

Adding an additional password, which changes with each session, adds another level of security to your meeting.

Enable the Waiting Room

By making participants wait in the virtual waiting room, the host is in control of who they admit to the meeting. Please note, this may be set up before or after the meeting starts.

Disable Join Before Host

By disabling this function, participants are not allowed to join the meeting until the host does.

Lock the Meeting

Once all invited participants have joined the session, the host has the options of locking the meeting, assuring that no one else may join

Remove Participants

The host has the ability to remove participants from the session if they should not be there. Once they are removed, the session may be locked so they cannot reenter the meeting.

Do Not use your Personal ID

When setting you a meeting, allow the computer to generate a unique meeting ID. This assures that each meeting has a different identifier.

Are there shortcuts keys I can use to control my meeting?

There are multiple shortcut keys Zoom has set up that can make your Zoom session easier. Here are a few that you might consider using:

  • Alt + A   Mute/Unmute yourself
  • Alt + V   Start/Stop sharing your video
  • Alt + S   Share Screen
  • Alt + T  Pause Share
  • Alt   Show Toolbar

Should I use my Personal Conference ID when setting up a meeting?

No. Munson Healthcare requests that as a security measure you DO NOT use your Personal Conference ID when setting up a meeting. It is to your advantage to let the system assign an new session ID every time.

How do I add a password to my session?

  • If you are setting up your own meeting on your own license, check the Meeting Password, box and it will auto-generate a password. This will then appear in your invitation.   
  • If you are requesting a session through REMEC, check the box on the request form that asks if you would like to have an additional password added to your meeting. Please note: this is NOT required.

How do I lock my session?

  • Click on the Security icon on our tool bar. Select Lock Meeting. A message appears that lets you now you have locked the meeting and no one new can join the meeting. 
  • To Unlock the meeting, click on the Security icon, uncheck Lock Meeting. A message will appear that lets you know that you have unlocked the meeting and that new participants can now join.

Can I remove a participant from a session and can they re-enter the meeting?

The host may remove a participant from either the Security Icon on the toolbar or from the participants list.  In order to assure that they cannot re-enter the session, you will then need to lock the meeting.

  • Click on either the Security or Manage Participants icon on the tool bar.
  • From the Manage Participants list, find the person you wish to remove. Next to their name, a More icon appears, select. 
  • Click Remove.  You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove them. Answer Yes.
  • The participant will receive a message letting them know the host has removed them from the meeting. Unless the meeting has been set up to allow them to rejoin, they will be unable to rejoin the meeting.
  • To remove a participant using the Security icon, click on the Security icon, select Remove Participant. This will open the participant list and you will follow the above outlined steps to remove them.

How do I enable the Waiting Room?

  • When setting up your meeting, under Meeting Options, Check the Enable waiting room box.
  • Once your meeting has started, Click on the Security icon on the tool bar. Select Enable Waiting Room.  To turn this feature off, click on the Security icon and uncheck Enable Waiting Room.

Can I hide the floating tool bar?

Once you start sharing your screen, a floating control screen appears at the top of your screen.  Although participants cannot see this, it can get in your way.  To hide this tool bar:

  • Hover over the three More dots at the end of the bar
  • Select Hide Floating Meeting Controls
  • Press the Escape key to bring it back

What’s the difference between Gallery View and Speaker View?

Gallery view allows you to see everyone who is logged in to the session.  Speaker view shows the person who is currently speaking.

Can I hide my self-view?

Yes, and once you verify what you are sending, this is usually recommended so you don’t fuss with yourself. In order to hide your self-view:

  • Hover over the 3 dots next to the blue Mute on the right-hand side of your image
  • From the drop down list, select Hide Self View
  • To show self view, select Show Self View from the tool bar on the top of your screen

Should participants join before the Host?

Unless there is a reason why participants should not be able to join the session before the host, enabling others to join whenever they log in helps to start your session on time instead of having to wait for the host to admit everyone as they arrive. 

  • When setting up your meeting under Meeting Options, check the Enable join before host box.