"Our mission is to expand the traditional methods of receiving health related services and information in health professional shortage and areas geographically isolated across Northern Michigan."

History of REMEC

REMEC TeleHealth Network (REMEC), a Munson Healthcare initiative, is an interactive videoconferencing network, made up of a diverse collection of healthcare providers located across lower northern Michigan.

REMEC, northern Michigan's first health care interactive video network is entering its nineteenth year of self-sustained operation. They began operations in 1993 as a Not for Profit 501 c(3) corporation funded by a Health and Human Services grant to deliver Emergency Medical Service (EMS) educational programs to EMS volunteers and professionals across rural regions of northern Michigan.  Since then, REMEC has merged with Munson Medical Center as a department with primary emphasis on telehealth with growing emphasis on telemedicine applications directly related to patient care.  REMEC consists of a partnership of 11 member hospitals and health centers.

REMEC initially stood for Rural Emergency Medical Education Consortium.  As members expanded use of network capabilities for other medical education, administrative meetings, physician grand rounds and telemedicine activities, the name was changed in 1999 to REMEC TeleHealth Network.  This name change better reflects the plethora of activity taking place over the network without losing the recognition the REMEC acronym has built.

Technical Information

The technical software and hardware serving as the network hub consists of two Polycom RMX 1800 multi-point bridges working in tandem to balance the load of conferences which are controlled by Polycom's RMX Manager.  A Polycom DMA serves as the gatekeeper and firewall traversal system allowing inbound and outbound IP connections. 

Member sites connect to the network by dedicated telecommunications circuits, and can utilize the network for voice, data, and video applications.