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Munson Healthcare is focused on enhancing your overall patient experience and helping you better manage your health. One way we do that is by giving you access to your health information when and where you want it.

Our patient portals offer you convenient, personalized, and secure online access to part of your health records from participating Munson Healthcare hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Below is a full list of patient portals practices currently connected within Munson Healthcare. 

Access to your personal health records easily using a desktop or laptop computer (and for some locations a mobile app), which may include the following: 

  • A list of current allergies, immunizations, medications, and health issues.
  • A history of imaging, laboratory, and pathology test results, as well as procedures performed.
  • Your latest vital signs, including blood pressure.
  • Health records relating to an emergency room visit, surgery, or hospital stay, including a summary of your hospital visit. 
  • Discharge instructions and patient education to help you better manage your own care after you leave the hospital or your physician office.

For visits to participating Munson Healthcare clinics and doctor’s offices, you maybe able to:

  • Update your personal information, like address, phone number, and health insurance (coming soon)
  • Securely send and receive messages to your doctor or advanced practice provider
  • Request a renewal of your prescription medications (not available for services provided at the hospital or for hospital stays)

For emergency room visits, surgeries, results from an imaging or lab test conducted at the hospital, or a hospital stay, you may also be able to view:

  • A summary of your hospital visit, including reason for hospitalization.

Find the name of the hospital or practice that you visited and click the button. This will open a page with links to the patient portal, patient portal app (if available), and request a connection to a third-party app. Some practices are on the same patient portal, so you may be able to access information from multiple practices within the same patient portal. 

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