Patient Portal Apps


Patient Portal Apps

Accessing Patient Portal Information on the Go

Want to access your patient portal information on the go? Munson Healthcare currently works with two apps with access to your patient information throughout the network. Visit the patient portals page and find your doctor's office to see if there is currently an app setup to access your records on the go.

Connect Your Third-Party App

Munson Healthcare now offers you the ability to securely connect your health records to some third-party websites, health management apps or diet/fitness trackers like Apple Health. Apple Health allows you to view your health records on you Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod. Here is a list of third-party apps Munson Healthcare is currently connected to: Apple Health.

To request an interface to allow you to securely connect your health records to your preferred app, please complete our Request a Connection form. Once we receive your request, we will be in touch (typically within three business days) with next steps.

Note: You need to have a patient portal account setup in order to connect to a third-party app.

Request a Connection

No Apps or Mobile Devices?

We've got you covered. You may still access your health records 24/7 on the Munson Healthcare patient portals to:

  • A list of current allergies, immunizations, medications and health issues.
  • A history of imaging, laboratory, and pathology test results, as well as procedures performed.
  • Your latest vital signs, including blood pressure.
  • Health records relating to an emergency room visit, surgery, or hospital stay, including a summary of your hospital visit. 
  • Discharge instructions and patient education to help you better manage your own care after you leave the hospital.