Munson Healthcare Laboratories: We Get Results

Your return to good health begins in the lab. Your doctor will routinely order lab tests before making a diagnosis or recommending an effective treatment plan. From complete blood counts and specialized INR testing to complex genetic testing, Munson Healthcare Laboratories provide accurate, timely results using some of the most sophisticated, highly automated technology available today. We are passionate about meeting the highest quality standards, following best-practice protocols, and delivering trusted results.

We Have a Lab Near You

Labs are located within all Munson Healthcare hospitals as well as in more than two dozen convenient community locations around northern Michigan. Munson Medical Center in Traverse City is the reference laboratory for all Munson Healthcare Labs.

Lab Services by Community

Outpatient Laboratory Self-Scheduling

Munson Healthcare is excited to offer patients the opportunity to self-schedule outpatient lab service appointments at the facilities below.

Online self-scheduling allows you to book appointments at your convenience. This option also helps laboratory staff prepare in advance for your visit and reduce wait times.

Online Scheduling

See Your Lab Results

Patients may view their lab results through their patient portal. All Munson Healthcare hospitals and many physician offices use portals to share important information with patients.  Learn more about hospital-based patient portals.