Patient Portal Proxy for Minors


Patient Portal Proxy for Minors

Patient Portals and Your Medical Information

Munson Healthcare is responsible for safeguarding the security and privacy of our patients’ medical information and ensuring patients have appropriate access to their records. 

Throughout the Munson Healthcare system, hospital and clinic or ambulatory patient portals allow patients convenient access to their medical record. The portal provides an easy way to see medical information available via the portal (such as laboratory results). 

Proxy Access 

Proxy access allows a person to use the patient portal to view another person’s information. Patients may grant access to a designated individual, such as a spouse or medical decision caregiver. Parents with a legal right to make important medical decisions on behalf of a minor and/or legal guardians may have proxy status for the minor’s patient portal when the minor is age 12 or younger. 

Patient Portal Proxy Access Authorization Form

Minor Privacy Protection

The confidentiality of minors’ medical information is protected by a combination of state and federal laws. Minors age 13 to 17 years have the right under state law to consent to some health care services without involvement of a parent or guardian. Thus, Munson Healthcare must ensure that information related to those services is not accessible to others, including a parent or legal guardian, via the patient portal. In order to align as a system, Munson Healthcare will not permit proxy access to any hospital or clinic patient portal of minors age 13 years or older. For parents/guardians of a minor age 12 or younger, any proxy access will automatically be discontinued when the minor reaches their thirteenth birthday. 

Obtaining Medical Information

Parents may request copies of their minor child’s medical record (excluding information related to services the minor consented to on their own) from the relevant Health Information Management (HIM) department.
For more information or to download a medical record request form, click here.

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