Munson Health

“Having Munson Hospice workers involved in Charly’s final days made an enormous difference. They came when they were needed, stayed as long as they were needed, and they did what was needed. They had a welcome, calming effect on all of us.”  -Alice Hansen


Each year, $700,000 is needed to support Munson Hospice’s immediate needs. These funds help balance operational budgets for hospice programs and the Munson Hospice House. Donor support keeps Munson Hospice strong and helps provide compassionate end-of-life care to anyone in need.   Hospice care is provided at home or at the eight-bed Hospice House on the Munson Medical Center campus. In addition, bereavement services, including grief support groups, all depend on the generosity of community members.

Munson Hospice is committed to providing care throughout northern Michigan, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Donor support provides much needed end-of-life care to patients who cannot pay for their care. Munson Hospice also needs to expand Bereavement Services and Education Programs so hospice can continue to make a meaningful impact. 

Munson Hospice is very thankful to receive memorial gifts to help remember loved ones.


Permanent Installation of Oxygen Equipment

Patients receiving hospice care have many needs and Munson’s Hospice House makes every effort to provide the best care to both patients and their families. Often patients with terminal illness experience difficulty breathing comfortably. The use of supplemental oxygen can assist patients in achieving comfortable oxygen levels. 

The Hospice House needs to upgrade the method they use to administer oxygen as the current method is cumbersome and disruptive. In-wall oxygen and suction would make administering oxygen easier for the nurses and patients. A small oxygen tube would be connected to the wall at the bedside and the quiet system would administer oxygen easily to the patient. Providing in-wall oxygen will make patient care easier for clinical staff while creating a better experience for patients and their families.

The cost to install permanent oxygen equipment is $100,000.

Upgraded Hospice Beds

Munson’s Hospice House has provides a home away from home for patients and their families. In order to maintain a superior level of quality and comfort, the Hospice House needs to upgrade their patient beds. Fully electric beds will be easier to use by patients, families, and staff. The new beds would have an alternating pressure mattress which moves air through the entire mattress giving patients the best in comfort. The look of the bed will be enhanced by wood head and footboards to take create a warmer atmosphere for our patients who can't be at home.

The cost for eight beds at the Hospice House is $16,000.


Kitchen and Furnishings Update

This year, Munson’s Hospice House will be celebrating its10-year anniversary. Over the years, thousands of patients and their families have found peace and comfort at the Hospice House, which has caused a lot of "wear and tear" to the kitchen and furnishings. Remodeling the kitchen and replacing worn and outdated furnishings will provide a fresh new look for our patients and their families to enjoy during their stay. The kitchen remodel will include new cabinets, counters, and appliances to be used by families who want to prepare a special meal or a requested snack. Worn out furniture will be replaced with comfortable and attractive options in the front lounge and other common areas.

The cost of the kitchen and furnishing updates is $85,000.