VIDEO | Enhancing Lives Through Leading-Edge Heart Care


Life is about so much more than surviving. It’s about living. At Munson Medical Center, we believe that the people in our beautiful communities deserve to enjoy all of the great things life has to offer us here in northern Michigan – and patients with heart conditions are no exception.

Our Traverse Heart & Vascular helps thousands of patients who experience heart conditions, such as arrhythmia and heart failure, not just live longer but feel better. This award-winning heart team uses leading-edge technology, including tiny devices that can be implanted right inside patients’ hearts to detect and treat heart trouble quickly, so these patients can go on living their lives without interruption or the need for invasive surgery that can take weeks to recover from.

The best part is, our heart team is helping patients close to home so they don’t need to travel downstate to receive the best possible care. Often times, this incredible technology allows our patients to stay at home, with the peace of mind that our dedicated team is actively monitoring their heart activity to keep them safe.

See some of this innovative technology at work and meet two of the heart care experts who make up this amazing team by clicking on the video below.

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