Stroke Recovery


Stroke Recovery

Life After A Stroke

How a stroke affects you depends on where the stroke occurs in your brain. It also depends on how much your brain is damaged. Many people who have a stroke are left with paralysis of one of their arms. Other problems can include having trouble with:

  • Thinking
  • Speaking
  • Walking
  • Swallowing, eating, or drinking
  • Doing simple math such as adding, subtracting, or balancing a checkbook
  • Basic problem solving
  • Dressing
  • Showering
  • Going to the bathroom

Some people may need long-term physical rehabilitation. They may not be able to live in their home without help.

Support services are available to help with physical and emotional needs after a stroke. This includes support services for caregivers.

When Should I Call My Healthcare Provider?

Strokes can happen again. Call your healthcare provider if you have symptoms that seem like a stroke, even if they don’t last long.

If you have repeated damage to your brain tissue, you may be at risk for life-long (permanent) disabilities.